How to Start a Career in Physiotherapy for an Amazing One

Physiotherapy is the process that is followed to treat deformity and injury of the entire body or a body part caused due to some ailment or accident. The affected part is treated using physical methods like heat treatment, massage, and exercise. This field is considered to be one of the most promising medical fields that involve both medical as well as physical training in order to detect and treat the problem of the patients. Professionals who perform the process of treatment or have a career in Physiotherapy are known as physiotherapists. These competent individuals help people to come out of their disabilities, ailments, and injuries and lead a normal and healthy life.

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Physiotherapists provide movement and exercise, manual therapy, counselling, and guidance to those who have been injured, sick, or disabled. They keep people of all ages well by assisting patients in managing to suffer and preventing illness.

Career in Physiotherapy
Career in Physiotherapy

A career in Physiotherapy aids in growth and regeneration by allowing people to engage in practice while still allowing them to be self-sufficient for as long as possible. You must work hard if you want to become a physiotherapist. It is entirely up to you to choose a course and a college. Everything you have to keep in mind is your area of concern, both in terms of the topic and the job description. So, if you enjoy exercising and assisting others in doing so, a career in Physiotherapy could be a good fit for you.

Physiotherapist – Eligibility

You must be familiar with the steps of how to become a physiotherapist if you wish to learn how to become a physiotherapist. It is critical to comprehend the requirements for being a physiotherapist in India. Information on the subject is given below.

  • A passing credential in the Research stream from a respected university is a basic prerequisite.
  • Candidates must have a 50 percent composite of their final examination in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as other main subjects, in their 10+2.
  • Candidates must also pass an entry test tailored for physiotherapy applicants.
  • If candidates plan to do a Master’s course in this stream then they must produce their bachelor’s degree mark sheet at the time of admission along with the entrance exam mark sheet.


Science Stream (Physics + Biology + Chemistry) in Class XII



Physiotherapist – Types of Jobs

Physiotherapist - Types of Jobs
Physiotherapist – Types of Jobs

A physiotherapist’s job is to support patients in recovery from trauma and incidents. Physiotherapists do this by leading exercise sessions and supervising speciality procedures including electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy. They are also responsible for gathering statistics, preparing records, and maintaining daily contact with doctors and nurses. Physiotherapists are also expected to keep up with the most recent advances in their field.

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Physiotherapists – Employment Opportunities

If you have a similar degree and want to work as a physiotherapist, you can look into the different sectors and organizations that hire physiotherapists. Physiotherapists can pick from a number of career in Physiotherapy openings on the market. Such opportunities are determined by the candidates’ degree level and the university from which the degree was obtained. Physiotherapists are used by a variety of companies and businesses. Candidates should look over the list of sectors and choose one that fits their preferences, interests, and needs.

Healthcare Centers: A healthcare center’s physiotherapists operate on the patients’ overall health and nutrition, focusing on areas where they can develop. They also assist patients dieticians with dietary schedules and medications that can aid in the acceleration of their metabolism.

Rehabilitation Centers: As the name implies, the primary goal of these facilities is to improve the lives of the people who are admitted. Here, a physiotherapist will accompany and support the experts who are dealing with the patients. Physiotherapists in a rehabilitation clinic teach different activities for both the mind and the body.

Hospitals: Physiotherapists are often hired by hospitals to assist with the treatment of patients in various units. Orthopaedic complications, obstetric problems, cardiology therapy, medical and surgical issues, and so on can all affect the patients. These practitioners maintain frequent contact with a variety of medical providers and experts.

Corporate Houses: Corporate physiotherapists are responsible for the wellbeing and wellbeing of their workers. The physiotherapists organize seminars and exercise classes for the workers in order to encourage them to remain physically and mentally fit.

Sports and Fitness Centers: A physiotherapist at a health and recreation facility collaborates with professionals to ensure the clients’ safety. Physiotherapists in sports and wellness centres are also responsible for keeping track of their clients’ records and determining which fitness regimen can be planned for a given day.

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Universities: Physiotherapists are employed by colleges to show students how to live a safe lifestyle. They are hired as instructors or coaches to help students learn the subject. They teach students technological and theoretical aspects such that a new class of well-trained physiotherapists is able to join the workforce.

Private Clinics: In private practice, the work of a physiotherapist is close to that of a doctor. The distinction is due to the number of patients as well as the many types of medications and specialities available. Unlike hospitals, which are also referred to as multi-speciality hospitals, clinics typically specialize in two or three specialities.

Orthopaedic Clinics: An orthopaedic facility specializes in conditions with muscle or bone deformities. A physiotherapist’s job is to teach people how to use daily workouts to help them overcome their deformities. Physiotherapists work under the direction of orthopedic surgeons who give care to their patients in the office or at home.

Defense Forces: The position of the physiotherapist at a defence academy or institution rotates between preparing training sessions and handling the injuries of defence personnel.

Physiotherapists – Pay Scale

The pay scale of a beginner is between Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 2,43,000 per anum. The average pay scale rises to rs. 3,50,000 to 4,50,000 per anum. As per your expertise and years in the industry, the pay scale may rise to Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 per anum.

Physiotherapists – Benefits of Becoming a Professional

Physiotherapists - Benefits of Becoming a Professional
Physiotherapists – Benefits of Becoming a Professional

Work-Life Balance

You will be able to set yourself up with the kind of versatility that allows you to strike a balance between work and play, depending on the kind of work environment you choose. When working long hospital hours, for example, many medical practitioners do not have this privilege.

You can opt to have your own practice, arrange your own hours, and plan set lunch and break times as a Physical Therapist. This benefit may seem insignificant, but it is critical to your optimal health. Burnout can affect anybody, but it’s more common in the medical field due to high-stress conditions and little downtime between shifts.

Different Environments

We briefly discussed some of the places where a Physical Therapist should work, so it’s worth revisiting! When it comes to their professional settings, physical therapists have a lot of options. Variety is said to be the spice of life! This advantage is particularly important to those who enjoy travelling.

You may be shocked to hear that you will work as a travelling Physical Therapist. PT specialists are in heavy demand at busy seasons when healthcare systems and recovery services around the country search them out.

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Amazing Salary

As per your expertise and years in the industry, the pay scale may rise to Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 per anum. Your curiosity and desire to advocate for those in distress are your guiding powers as a medical professional. As a consequence, your income isn’t necessarily the most significant consideration.

And then, it’s cool to note that good pay is one of the benefits of being a physical trainer. This ensures you’ll be able to live happily and, ideally, strike a healthy work-life balance.

Fitness and Health

Physical Therapy’s day-to-day demands are taxing not only on the patient but also on the therapist. Bending, stretching, and other physical exercises that require a certain degree of fitness are a significant part of the time spent treating patients. The advantage here is self-evident: PTs are usually safe, fit individuals!

Maintaining a nutritious diet and having adequate sleep is important for performing at your best. These three factors (movement, diet, and sleep) all work together to keep the body fit and balanced. This is a huge plus if you’re naturally health-conscious (which you certainly are if you’re a medical professional).

Medical Knowledge

Physical trainers are highly educated about the human body and all of its systems because they deal with it. Due to the obvious wide range of disabilities and illnesses that PTs treat, there is no simple way to become a Physical Therapist.

Physical Therapy can be the ideal career in Physiotherapy option for you if you are interested in recovery. Your education and continuing certifications will guarantee that you have a thorough understanding of the human body. Physical Trainers are specialists from top to foot, unlike certain care practitioners that specialize in one method or illness kin.

Dr. Aastha Mehta (PT)(Senior Consultant)

Dr. Aastha has 10+ years of experience in treating patients requiring Physiotherapy services. She holds expertise in all types of Physiotherapy techniques such as Manual Therapy, Taping Therapy and Machine Based Therapies. She is one of the experienced Female Physiotherapist in Gurgaon.

Dr. Aastha has treated patients for all type of conditions such as Knee Replacement, Shoulder Dislocation, Frozen Shoulder, Neuro Related, Tendonitis, Backache, Sports Injury, Paralysis, Female Health Related, Neck Pain etc.

Dr. Aastha holds a Master Degree in Physiotherapy and also a certified Manual Therapist. She is also a visiting Physiotherapist in one of the topmost Corporate MNC. She has also worked in Delhi Common Wealth Games (CWG) and Indian National Games. She is an Active Member of Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

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It’s no secret that there are many benefits and drawbacks to working as a physical therapist, with the benefits clearly outweighing the drawbacks. As a physiotherapist, you can assist individuals in making healthy lifestyle and fitness improvements. Since you will be working with people who are experiencing low quality of life, it will be almost difficult for you to get bored or dissatisfied with your career. Also, there is a diverse variety of career in Physiotherapy openings. This job also allows you to discover something new every day and broaden your horizons. Later on, you might even want to pursue a career in teaching or research.

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