How To Start A Career In Yoga And Make An Amazing Living

Choosing a career in yoga does not sound enticing or rewarding enough to quell myths. Isn’t there any zing aspect to it?

Moving past the typecast and trying something new and unusual is often challenging. However, the job market, like the rest of the country, is quickly evolving.

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Africa, the European Union, and the Asia Pacific are forecasting an increase in the business, as well as a vast number of job opportunities for Yogis and Yoga teachers. The recent growth in remote working and self-employment has raised the demand for people interested in beginning a yoga career.

How to Start a Career in Yoga

How to Start a Career in Yoga
How to Start a Career in Yoga

This guide will take you through a 9-step method for starting a fruitful yoga career. 

1. Grow An Interest In Yoga

You looked for guidance about how to start a yoga career because you want to learn or teach yoga at some point. However, before embarking on a yoga career course, you can perform some in-depth contemplation to decide if you really have a passion for yoga.

So bear in mind that most yoga instructors and studio owners don’t make a lot of money when they first start out. As a result, the drive to begin a yoga career should be inspired by more than a desire to be self-employed and earn a decent living.

The first few years of your yoga career will be tough, and you will need to invest in yoga instructor certifications, which might cost anything from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

There are different career choices in the yoga industry, such as Yoga teacher, Yoga instructor, Studio owner, Yoga therapist, Studio manager, and Digital consultant. Reflect on and be crystal clear on what you plan to do and accomplish, as the road to your target will differ.

2. Take Lessons In The Facilities Where You Aim To Work As A Trainer

So you’ve thought about your love of yoga and wanted to try it as a profession. Taking yoga lessons is the first step toward a yoga career. You must first immerse yourself in yoga before enrolling in yoga instructor training and receiving certifications.

If a yoga studio has opportunities for yoga instructors, it is most possible that the yoga teachers will be selected from among their students. Yoga teacher training (YTT) courses are also offered at several yoga studios. Any yoga instructor vacancies that become available will be filled by students from these studios’ YTT courses.

Identify the yoga studios where you want to practice before choosing a yoga instructor training course. Then enroll in daily classes at these studios to become a familiar and welcoming face.

Inform the yoga instructors about your expectations and ask about the studio’s yoga teacher preparation courses and retreats. After a few months, you’ll be able to pick the best yoga instructor training course from the yoga studio with the most similar teaching style to yours.

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3. Enroll in a Yoga Instructor Certification Program

Yoga teacher training courses are classified into two sections. Yoga beginners who want to start teaching yoga should take the 200-hour yoga instructor training course. This is the lesson you’ll need to take as a student to master the fundamentals of yoga instruction.

The 500-hour yoga instructor preparation is a more rigorous yoga teacher training program. Usually, students participate in a 200-hour teacher training program and begin their yoga careers. To complete the entire 500-hour yoga teacher preparation, they must complete an additional 300-hour yoga teacher training.

When it comes to picking a yoga instructor training course, you would be spoiled for options. As an alternative source of income, several studios provide yoga instructor training.

Assume you’ve toured several studios and enrolled in courses. In any case, you’ll be in a perfect place to pick the best yoga instructor training course from a studio whose teaching style is close to your own.

Make sure the yoga instructor training school you select is a part of the Yoga Alliance. You will be a registered yoga teacher (RYT) after completing the course if you do so.

4. Receive an RYT Certification

You will register with the yoga alliance to become a certified yoga instructor after earning a 200-hour or 500-hour yoga teacher certification from a registered yoga academy.

The RYT credential has many benefits, especially in terms of finding a yoga teaching position. Until teaching on their grounds, most yoga studios and gyms would enable you to be a licensed yoga instructor.

It is not necessary to become qualified if you intend to work for yourself and teach yoga to your students. Yoga fans will now amass wide online followings and sell their services to their peers.

Assume you want to work as a yoga instructor at a well-known yoga studio or gym. You must seek certificates to show that you are a certified yoga instructor (registered with the yoga alliance).

You would not need to be professionally accredited if you want to be a yoga entrepreneur, teach students you find/attract, and sell courses to a group you created. No rule states you can’t teach yoga without a credential.

5. Look Beyond Traditional Teaching

Look Beyond Traditional Teaching
Look Beyond Traditional Teaching

You’ve fully joined the yoga industry after you’ve finished yoga instructor training and began teaching classes at a yoga studio. Congratulations on your choice to start a yoga career.

However, you must go beyond teaching yoga to really excel in your yoga career and have the greatest impact. It earns Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000 per lesson to teach yoga in a studio. If you live in a big city, your earnings from teaching yoga in studios will just be enough to get by.

When you start giving 1-on-1 private yoga classes, your earnings as a yoga instructor can escalate. Teaching classes online is another way to extend your scope. You can also develop yoga sessions and market them to people in your community. You’ll learn how to expand your community and maximize your sales streams by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and capitalizing on current trends.

Offering seminars and organizing yoga retreats are ideal ways to raise considerable income. To get ideas for your own workshops and retreats, visit workshops and retreats led by other yoga practitioners.

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6. Build Your Brand

The distinction between beginning a yoga career and barely scraping by and establishing a flourishing yoga company is “Brand.” Yoga is a highly competitive industry, with customers needing access to a range of studios and trainers both offline and online.

If you wish to have a great yoga career, you must be able to climb above the crowd and stand out. Developing a distinct brand will not only lead to additional coaching openings at studios searching for trained instructors, but it will also result in the growth of a strong and enthusiastic fan and follower base.

Consumers now are more likely to attend several studios and enroll in a number of courses. Your goal should be to construct an atmosphere and a brand that customers recall easily.

7. Build Online Presence

The way people browse for yoga instructors and studios has changed drastically. In addition, virtual/Zoom yoga classes have become increasingly popular.

People will search for the nearest yoga studio and sign up a few years back. However, in recent years, customer attitudes have changed. People frequent several studios, and long-term memberships are on the decline.

Yoga studios and yoga instructors are now found online, especially on social media. Furthermore, today’s customers are not limited by their location. Consumers can now conveniently sign up for virtual yoga lessons with their favourite yoga influencer, regardless of their venue.

As a result of this trend, if you want to have a good yoga career, you’ll need to develop an online presence with the help of brand marketing. You’ll need to be on discovery-oriented social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. You’ll also need Facebook and Google business sites.

8. Attract Investors

You would have done what that few people in the yoga industry do if you have successfully created a yoga brand and attracted a steady stream of students.

Success comes with its own collection of difficulties. If you’re good, you’ll quickly learn that “cash flow” is a challenge when you embark on new projects to develop your yoga company and progress your yoga career.

If you want to open a yoga studio or sell video courses and books, for example, you’ll need money. You can either save for years to fund expansion plans or, better yet, search out partners to assist you in expanding and scaling your yoga empire.

You don’t have to focus exclusively on your investments to expand your yoga business anymore, due to the invention of crowdfunding sites and platforms for seeking angel investors.

Understand that a lack of funds does not limit your growth and success when you progress in the yoga industry. There are sites where you can use your social media and network to raise funds to expand your business. You don’t have to focus entirely on bank loans and deposits.

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9. Giving Opportunities To Others

You’ve developed a flourishing yoga business and enlisted the support of a group and investors to help you along the way. It’s now time to return the favour to the group.

By creating yoga teaching schools, providing workshops and retreats, and mentoring others on their yoga journey, you will continue to expand your yoga company and career while still contributing back to the community.

You can also franchise your name and idea if you truly believe in it. Developing a franchise will massively extend your scope and catapult your career to greater heights.


You won’t be able to complete all nine measures in this tutorial at the same time. You’ll need to come back to this document when you hit those benchmarks. This guide will teach you how to start thinking about and shaping your yoga career, as well as where to start and how far you can go.

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