Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon

Gurgaon individuals who are keenly looking for Digital Marketing Training Institutes, online Digital Marketing courses in Gurgaon, are increasing in quest activity. This sector is now being passionately influenced by many. Know that Digital Marketing is not a choice; it is a basic and most important necessity for every business today. A reality that every organization must face at some point in their lives.

Searching for something in a search engine as you look for online results, seeing an ad floating around as you browse, or seeing any emails in your inbox and feel compelled to open them; all of this is digital marketing. It is crucial to remember, though, that not everyone gets it right. There are several things you end up losing as you search, browse, screen, or see in your inbox.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

The best way to learn more to become a specialist is to take a course that will give you the history and help you progress in this industry. If you are in Gurgaon and looking for a job opportunity in Digital Marketing, here is a list of some institutes offering courses in that very field.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon

What is Digital Marketing?
What is Digital Marketing?

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya has been India’s leading training institute for digital marketing and has been offering digital marketing courses since 2009. It is one of the first colleges in digital marketing to deliver classes.

Digital Vidya is the only institution in India that offers a government-certified course in Digital Marketing. Their CDMM (Certified Digital Marketing Master) course is administered in association with VSkills, an initiative of the Government of India. Students participate in the VSkills test after completion of preparation to receive this government certification.

Digital Vidya is the training partner for Google and Microsoft. As their digital marketing training affiliate with the Google partner academy and Microsoft partners, they are the first organization in India to have an association. Both Digital Vidya also co-created Facebook marketing certification with Facebook and content marketing certification with Linkedin.

The CDMM course is a three-month intensive training program addressing all primary digital marketing subjects, including over 140 hours of live hands-on projects and 60 hours of case studies. Any of the top experts in the world of digital marketing teach the course. For Google and Microsoft, trained people are all their instructors.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

2. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

One of the rising Internet Marketing Institutes of India is DSIM. It is a knowledge-rich hub for professionals, teachers, and entrepreneurs who are trained on diverse subjects by their top faculty group. The passed-out DSIM students won the best packages in their respective jobs.

DSIM integrates the teaching modules such as raising business funds from VC, Brand building with Content Writing, Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing, Traditional v/s Digital Marketing, Boosting Email Marketing, Effective Landing Page, Increasing Conservation Rate, Increasing Ads Conservation in Google Adwords, Optimization of Thank You Page, Keyword Research Tool, Email Marketing and Backlinking to Top SEO

3. SEO Craft

Since 2011, SEO Craft has been offering custom web solutions. It is an SEO Technology Experts affiliate. The business recognizes consumer demands and offers competitively priced online services. It is a one-stop solution for full internet marketing and site promotion, with an eye on the new technologies. It also provides outstanding digital marketing courses in Gurgaon, in addition to offering facilities.

There are weekend and weekday batches available. Also, there are alternative day classes available for working adults and short track classes. There are 16 modules in the program that cover the basic facets of SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, content writing, and blogging. Training with business professionals is realistic and includes collaborating on live projects.

There is an internship opportunity and 100 percent placement assistance. Upon completion of a six-month internship, students earn a course completion certificate as well as a work experience certificate. Google qualification training is also inclusive.

4. All India Media Solutions (AIMS)

Since 2010, All India Media Solutions has been a business that offers digital marketing and web solutions. They are still in training and offer excellent courses in Gurgaon for digital marketing. In addition to offering digital media and online resources, AIMS also offers image-building and strategic consulting for election management. It provides digital marketing and related courses under the training arm, as well as a course on web design and creation.

The basic elements of digital marketing are addressed by 14 modules. Applicants can hear about the fundamentals of freelancing as well. There are exclusive one-on-one workshops of more than 8+ years of experience from business leaders.

5. Digi Grace

Since early 2015, DigiGrace has become a leading education provider. Training for businesses, practitioners, teachers, and entrepreneurs has been given. Any of the advantages of learning a course at DigiGrace are a high-quality curriculum, realistic instruction, and quality customer service. DigiGrace, a leading Google affiliate, has so far graduated over 210+ batches of 1921+ trainees.

In Gurgaon, the institute offers outstanding digital marketing courses. It also has a service arm, offering web design and development services, tools for digital marketing, app growth, and the like. The courses on offer at Digi Grace include Digital Marketing, Java Courses, Cyber Security, SAP Courses, Business Analytics, Share Market, and Advance English Courses.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

6. SEO Institute

The SEO Institute deals with A-Z preparation for an online marketing expertise. As per candidate choice, the courses are. In Gurgaon, the college offers perfect digital marketing courses. For digital marketing preparation, it also provides free trial sessions. The SEO Institute offers services regularly, monthly, and quarterly.

They have several certification courses on offer, which include Digital marketing training, PPC training, ORM Marketing, SEO training, SMM training, and Website Designing.

The important aspects of digital marketing are addressed by the one week course. In the classroom setting, candidates study key tactics. For the one week’s question clearing message, there is even a separate one-day class. An introduction, SEO, SMO, Google Adwords, and a test are among the subjects. The one-month course addresses website planning and growth subjects, blogging, content management, etc.

The three-month course is lengthy, training applicants on the new methods of promotion, marketing challenges, immersive seminars, and live tasks. It is an in-depth digital marketing tutorial.

7. 99 Digital Academy

The 99 Digital Academy is a digital marketing institute in Gurgaon that offers fantastic courses in digital marketing. 99 Technology Academy has been educating businesses, beginners, and experts in the area of digital marketing since its establishment in 2013.

99 Technology Academy also offers data science instruction in addition to digital marketing. The academy is well fitted with excellent facilities and exceptional coaches. The institute also has corporate sector preparation programs for digital marketing.

8. Developers Nation Academy

Developers Nation is a leading training platform in education. Among its numerous courses, it offers useful courses in Gurgaon for digital marketing. For 15 schools, the academy has a tie-up and has completed over 215 classes.

In different segments, such as academic, personality development, and competitive tests, the academy offers courses and instruction. It also offers facilities such as industrial education, training programs for summer and winter, business training, training for campuses, and numerous seminars.

9. SSDN Technologies

In the area of training and development, SSDN Technologies is a leadership institute. In different regions, they provide a wide variety of instruction. In all the courses, the digital marketing courses in Gurgaon are renowned.

The institute offers all of its programs with customization, making it enjoyable to learn. They include practical exercises, sports, and debates that guarantee a difference in learning. SSDN Innovations are collaborators with leading providers who offer 300+ courses and have trained 30,000+ trainees with just over a decade of experience.

10. Digital Skill Port

A leading digital marketing institute, Digital Capability Port. It provides premium courses in Gurgaon for digital marketing. The Institute delivers, as a whole, independent instruction in digital marketing modules.

Both services include in-depth philosophical theory, implementation, and projects. Case studies on four live projects are also included. For companies and educational institutions, Automated Capability Port delivers in-house business instruction.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course


Digital marketing has become an important part of customer culture. The demand for digital marketing practitioners is growing and, as a result, the demand for digital marketing courses has also grown.

The above courses, thus, are among the top digital marketing courses in Gurgaon that offer the best-in-class training in digital marketing & help you to make a career in Digital Marketing.

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