Top 20 Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

Are you from Mumbai, and are you looking for the best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai? Well, we have given you the top digital marketing courses in Mumbai to help you find the right digital marketing course.

But before we go on to Mumbai’s Digital Marketing Courses, let’s look at the increasing value of digital marketing courses first.

Career in Digital Marketing
Career in Digital Marketing

With the Internet Age, digital marketing is in high demand. Digital Marketing has evolved by leaps and bounds in a relatively short period of time. In order to expand their business, more and more corporations are concentrating on digital marketing. Digital Marketing has not only helped corporations widen their horizons, it also presented potential digital marketers with exciting career prospects.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

Despite the value of digital marketing and the steady growth in demand for digital marketing practitioners, more and more individuals are looking forward to obtaining digital marketing training.

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

1. Digital Vidya

When it comes to having the best training in Digital Marketing, the highest priority is Digital Vidya. It is the leading Digital Marketing and Data Science training business in Asia. It delivers intensive Digital Marketing Instruction as a leader institution. Founded in 2009, Digital Vidya was the very first institution in India to deliver workshops on social media metrics.

It has educated more than 35,000+ practitioners from 55 countries and 15000+ labels since its inception. In addition to giving individuals comprehensive digital marketing training, Digital Vidya also provides organizations with tailored Digital Marketing Training to elevate their businesses. Thus, when it comes to taking a Digital Marketing course in Mumbai, Digital Vidya is a top pick.

The Certified Digital Marketing Master Course has enabled marketing experts to develop their ability and has also helped students and beginners to launch their digital marketing careers.

Digital Vidya also has a comprehensive Placement Cell that operates continuously to provide the participants with best-in-class placement possibilities. With 100% placement assistance, this makes Digital Vidya one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai.

2. Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India is a leading teaching and consultancy firm for Digital Marketing. They have educated more than 5,000 professionals and students across India over the past two years to ensure perfect career development in Digital Marketing. In order to provide intensive digital marketing training, the Digital Academy India hires business leaders. This includes DAI in the category of the Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai.

Digital Academy India focuses on its mission of developing concrete digital marketing capabilities for learners, students, and beginners through a great combination of theoretical and realistic learning methods. Digital Academy India is one of Mumbai’s best courses in Digital Marketing.

In addition to offering instruction in digital marketing, they also cater to the students’ placement needs. Therefore, with placement, Digital Academy India is one of the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

3. All India Management Association (AIMA)

The leading body for leadership in India is the All India Management Association. It was founded 60 years ago and partners with states, businesses, academic institutions, and students. It reflects on the development and practice of management by providing different programs for skill enhancement.

All India Management Institute, also known as AIMA, provides technical qualifications in digital marketing & analytics in conjunction with Digital Vidya, taking into account the significance of digital marketing. In-depth digital marketing principles, use & study of different digital marketing, and analytical resources are discussed in the course.

To make the lessons much more enjoyable, the course also contains guidance in tutorials and class discussions. Thus, when it comes to top Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai, AIMA is one of the smartest decisions.

To ensure that they get the right job, AIMA regularly provides students with placement assistance. Similarly, AIMA provides comprehensive placement options for their Digital Marketing students. Thus, with placement, AIMA is on the list of digital marketing courses in Mumbai.

4. UpGrad

UpGrad is an online portal offering services related to higher education & business. It offers students and practitioners chances to upgrade their skills. With the assistance of industry professionals, they also provide tailored support.

UpGrad came into being in 2015 and has always been focused on creating outstanding learning opportunities since then.

It offers a PG Certification led by digital marketing business experts in Digital Marketing & Communication.

5. Optron Technologies

Optron Technologies is a popular Training & Consultancy Firm for Digital Marketing in Mumbai. It offers a detailed technical course on Digital Marketing that covers all Digital Marketing verticals.

Optron Technologies has specifically developed its Digital Marketing Course for beginners, students, and job seekers who are looking forward to beginning their career in digital marketing by recognizing the emerging value of digital marketing. They have an offline teaching system wherein their training institute hold workshops three days a week.

6. Freelancers Academy

The Freelancers Academy is not only a prominent institute for digital marketing. Instead, it is a special forum built for individuals to make the best of the freelance environment.

At Freelancers Academy, digital marketing preparation focuses on having the student properly eligible to start freelancing immediately after the course is completed.

It not only makes people well-versed digital media professionals but also means that more streams of revenue are available by making them freelancers who are experienced.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

7. MCTA (Marketing Courses Training Academy)

Marketing Courses Training Academy aka MCTA is a Digital Marketing Institute with separate centers in Mumbai providing Digital Marketing training through the classroom. As their course is specifically built to improve digital marketing capabilities, it is one of the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai.

8. Learning Catalyst

Another educational institute for Digital Marketing delivering an advanced Digital Marketing course is Learning Catalyst. Centered in Mumbai, Learning Catalyst provides students, graduates & working professionals with a full Digital Marketing course and is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Mumbai.

9. vDigital Marketing 

Another Digital Marketing training institute based in Mumbai is vDigital Marketing. It is one of Mumbai’s top digital marketing courses, which specializes in providing training in digital marketing. 80% of practical implementations and 20% of scientific knowledge are used in their modules.

10. Operating Media

Operating Media is one of the strongest digital marketing institutions in Mumbai. They offer Digital Media Courses, specific modules, and business entities’ Digital Marketing Seminars.

11. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE)

One of the quickest and top digital marketing courses in Mumbai is the Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE). IIDE meets the need for the digital sector by taking into account the industry needs and offering realistic Digital Marketing education.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

12. Lavenir Institute of Professional Studies

The Lavenir Institute of Professional Studies (LIPS) is a leading Institute for Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai, providing classroom training. With the help of a classroom training program, they deliver a Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai.

13. DMTI Softpro

Founded in 1992, DMTI Softpro was converted in 2009 from an IT company to a Digital Marketing Institute. The institute has a well-dedicated placement cell that supports students in their work. In addition to 80% practical research experience, DMTI provides its students with immersive instruction, creativity, and networking.

14. The DMTI

In 2011, DMTI was established as one of the largest digital marketing companies in Mumbai to train students in all facets of digital marketing. The institute provides a robust educational platform that offers knowledge of expertise and credentials for courses.

15. Digital Marketing Courses. in

The Institute has 25 years of experience delivering IT teaching. DMC’s solution is to educate its students with realistic sessions of 40 per cent. They execute corresponding campaigns and broadcast live projects in order to meet the high goal. In Mumbai, the Institute is very famous and has three centres spread throughout India.

16. Proideator

Proideators seeks to fill the difference between formal education and emerging technologies, with trainers from top Indian institutes such as IIT and IIM. The institute has more than 27 modules to train the minds of the desired ones to function well.

17. Digital Academy 360

The Institute is run by specialists in Digital Marketing who have worked on numerous media channels. The vision of Digital Academy 360 is to improve its students’ creative and analytical skills to help them meet the demands of the industry.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

18. Compufield

Computerfield (1985) is one of the oldest computer centres that boomed as a well-known computer coaching institute in the industry. For teachers, developers, and experts, Compufield is a scalable digital marketing tool. On Google, it has a ranking of 4.7/5.

19. School of Digital Marketing

Through their endless efforts, SDM has evolved to a time when they have 8 branches throughout India. The institute has polished the course into 11 courses, which provide an in-depth understanding of the course, to perfect its pupils. So far, since finishing their training with SDM, more than 8000 students have successfully reached their fields of study.

20. TBS Digital Marketing Institute

TBS was founded in 2007 and is one of Mumbai’s leading institutions for digital marketing. The firm focuses on providing new industry-relevant skills and realistic knowledge to aspirants in digital marketing. By registering with TBS, students will be guaranteed to obtain trained mentors, hands-on live experiences & industry-coordinated certification.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course


An integral part of the consumer world has been digital marketing. The demand for digital marketing practitioners is increasingly growing and the demand for courses in Digital Marketing has also risen as a result.

Thus, the above courses are among the top digital marketing courses in Mumbai that offer best-in-class training in digital marketing.

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