Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Noida

The demand for digital marketing employment is so high that digital marketing companies and organizations are mushrooming in every city, including Noida. Several digital marketing firms are providing corporations with their services. Training institutions are available to train aspiring digital marketers to become future digital marketers with the help of digital marketing courses in Noida.

While the topic of digital marketing is enormously vast, it makes it reasonably easy to master the expertise and that too within a short period, spanning numerous sub-domains, excellent mentors, and instruction. Digital marketing is one skill that takes only a brief time to study and master, versus most classes that take a minimum of six months to more than a year of studying and training.

Noida, a center of many domestic and foreign firms and a satellite city of Delhi, is in high demand for all digital marketing work. There are a large number of digital marketing courses in Noida, like most major cities.

Career in Digital Marketing
Career in Digital Marketing

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Noida

Some of the top digital marketing courses in Noida are:

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is on top of the chart. Maybe that’s a no brainer! In 2009, Digital Vidya was the first institute in India to officially initiate training workshops on social media. And they launched their flagship Accredited Digital Marketing Master’s program officially in 2013. This course was the reason for the success of over 30,000 professionals from more than 55 countries around the world.

Digital Vidya has over 60 professionals on the advisory board, with over 20 years of valuable experience with each of them. The most fascinating thing about these coaches is that they’re each a specialist with one particular specialty skill. So, they have search engine optimization experts, material for search engines, email marketing, inbound marketing, e-commerce marketing, and so on.

For academic learning and hands-on experience, Digital Vidya offers equal value, making it one of the best digital marketing courses in Noida. Only after its students are put into influential employment does Digital Vidya see its mission accomplished? Digital Vidya has an active Placement Unit to serve this function, which operates in total harmony to have suitable placements.

Internships are valuable because, in a realistic situation, they encourage students to learn and apply theoretical concepts. This encourages you to get a clearer understanding of the professional world. Digital Vidya’s unique internships allow students to gain real expertise in the field of Digital Marketing.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

2. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

One of the rising Internet Marketing Institutes of India is DSIM. It is a knowledge-rich hub for professionals, teachers, and entrepreneurs who are trained on diverse subjects by their top faculty group. The passed-out DSIM students earned the best packages in their respective jobs.

DSIM integrates the teaching modules such as raising business funds from VC, Brand building with Content Writing, Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing, Traditional v/s Digital Marketing, Boosting Email Marketing, Effective Landing Page, Increasing Conservation Rate, Increasing Ads Conservation in Google Adwords, Optimization of Thank You Page, Keyword Research Tool, Email Marketing and Backlinking to Top SEO

3. DigitalKul

DigitalKul is a training and consulting institute for digital marketing. DigialKul strives to be the ideal companion in digital growth, taking into account the desires and expectations of the young generation. As a digital marketing services provider, it offers one of the best courses in Noida for digital marketing. 

Some other courses on offer at DigitalKul are Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, Google Analytics certification course, Google Adwords certification course, Content marketing course, and Learn to sell online.

The advanced course is rigorous and has 108 teaching hours covering 20 modules. There is an up-gradation from time-to-time of the courseware. Blog monetization, affiliate promotion, online purchases through Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc are included in the courses. The advanced course also covers personality development, group conversation, mock interviews, and presenting digital marketing skills. The DMC course covers 16 modules and is for 64 hours.

4. Professional Institute of Marketing Strategy (PIMS)

PIMS is a digital marketing institute that has graduated 2000+ applicants in about 80+ batches over the past few years. It offers one of the best courses in Noida for digital marketing.

The syllabus is extensive and contains 32+4 units. A limited batch of fewer than 12 applicants per class is approved by the institute. Six live campaigns with 2000 advertisement credits are in place. The devoted coaches have experience of 10+ years. The institute holds basic courses for backups. After every module, there are regular meetings, seminars, and appraisal certifications. Tools worth 70,000, along with entrepreneurship and training for the interview, are free. The program includes a three-month internship.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

5. Institute Of Film Training And Digital Marketing-IFTDM

IFTDM runs on the system of the necessity of conviction, being the mother of all inventions. IFTDM heard about the difference in the competition between demand and supply in the fields of film production and digital marketing after comprehensive research. IFTDM aims to fill this vacuum and to provide aspirants with appropriate training and skills.

It offers excellent digital marketing courses in Noida as an institution that deals solely with digital marketing and film production. Its parent is the Garage Company, which has a reputation as one of the most prominent brands in the media and manufacturing industries. Only courses in film training and digital marketing are provided by the institute.

Before enrolling in the course, there is a possibility of taking a free demo session. The applicants undergo on-job training from leading experts in the industry. After each module, there are tasks and tests. 100 percent of work placement support is provided by the institute.

6. Digital Mantra 

Digital Mantra believes in realistic and creative learning. In Noida, it mainly caters to digital marketing classes. At Digital Mantra, leading experts and social geeks build the course layout. Globally approved courses are offered by the institute.

An inclusive model is adopted by the institute, which ensures that students are able to study either specific training or single modules. Digital Mantra has graduated 9965+ trainees in 55+ batches over the past eight-plus years. The special new aspect of Digital Mantra is the simulation platform DST or Digital Mantra, which brings hands-on learning to a whole new dimension. For classes, like the DST, the course fees are comparatively higher.

The syllabus covers all digital marketing subjects extensively. Candidates get post-class recordings and the latest case studies. The training is by industry experts, and it is engaging and practical training.

With the DST, candidates get an innovative and gamified experience of the global ads platform. Candidates get 1 Lac of virtual money and get a real-time experience of live ad campaigns. It is hands-on, practical live-work involving strategy and planning.

7. DigiHour

DigiHour is a leading digital marketing institute in Noida that offers courses in digital marketing. The courses are developed by a team of digital marketers with 10+ years of experience according to the real business scenario. As 90 percent of the aspiring candidates do not even have the necessary skills, the institute aims to develop professional marketers.

The various modules of the course are digital marketing, an introduction, website/live project creation, search engine optimization, social media optimization, paid marketing, business analytics, and strategy planning, email marketing. blogging, freelancing, & drop-shipping e-commerce.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

8. Digital Directions

Digital Directions, a digital marketing training academy, provides programs, training, and institutional training in the area of digital marketing. As it is also specialized in offering digital marketing facilities, Noida offers excellent courses in digital marketing.

Digital Directions is an organization that is OMCP accredited. OMCP is a premier business credential specifically for practitioners in digital marketing. The preparation and services offered are in accordance with changing global norms. It certainly brings importance to the certifications that post-course completion applicants earn. It offers instruction to businesses and educational institutions as part of its institutional training.

9. Digital Online Course

A subsidiary of Peritus Infotech is Digital Online Courses. It offers facilities and training in different digital marketing segments. In the services segment, it offers Digital Marketing, IT consulting, Internet Marketing, Application Development, SEO, PPC, Campus Training, and Workshops at colleges.

It provides digital marketing and its allied courses within the training section. It is one of the top institutions in Noida that offers digital marketing courses. 

10. Web Tracker

Web Tracker is mainly an IT business that provides a wide variety of services. In Noida, it also offers digital marketing classes. The institute is engaged in web creation, software development, SEO, SMO, website and app e-commerce, etc. In Australia as well, they have a branch.

It trains students and practitioners in digital marketing, SAP, cryptocurrency, web creation, and so on, alongside the provision of services. All of the classes are job-oriented, offering a forum for applicants to earn from what they study.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course


Many institutions are competitive and have up-to-date course material. Mentors and coaches are the ones that make a difference. From one institution to another, the modules and submodules are barely any different.

In a way where even a beginner finds it engaging and doable, a fantastic mentor/trainer imparts instruction. The distinction is the practicality of learning, the desire to apply what you are learning. We hope that the above list of organizations will allow the applicant to make the right decision.

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