Top 11 Entrepreneurship Courses in India

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to make a big mark in the industry? Well, you should get some serious insights on how to carry out all your tasks without any hassle and taking entrepreneurship courses in India is certainly a smart choice.

Life is a roller coaster ride and no one gets out alive, no matter where you come from and where you go, that’s for sure. You must, though, have nerves of steel to live this life to the fullest and be wide-eyed about all that takes place around you. One such rare ‘breed’ of people will be, one day at a time, the pioneers who are transforming the world. And the online entrepreneurship courses in India that chart the path down this road are helping them accomplish their objectives.

They are the ones who come upon something extraordinarily special and give it to their heart and soul to grow and bring it full circle. As Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, says, “If something’s important enough, or if you think something’s important enough, you’ll keep going, even if you’re scared.”

Now an entrepreneur must be armed like a soldier in the war to keep working and combat the relentless supermassive black hole of uncertainty, rivalry and fear of failure. They must then take online entrepreneurship classes that are both cost-effective, save time and do not screw with your personal job schedule in order to update themselves to keep up with the latest happenings around the world.

What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship?
What is Entrepreneurship?

In plain terms, in order to make a profit, it is creating, planning, and operating a corporation or company. This description is one that over the decades has not altered. But certainly, the possibilities and prospects for entrepreneurs have changed, and how!

Today, a lot of hurdles to being an entrepreneur have vanished due to technology and digital transformation, and new possibilities have arisen.

The modern meaning is more about the desire to see an answer to a dilemma, finding solutions and possibilities where only problems can be found by an ordinary individual.

The life of an entrepreneur is thrilling, to say the least, and liberating. About working for your venture there is something strangely rewarding than working for anyone else in a 9 to 5.

Life of an Entrepreneur

Life of an Entrepreneur
Life of an Entrepreneur

They are limited to their duties as an employee while one has a career, but an entrepreneur is accountable for all the practises. The result is still a risk factor since it is very uncertain to forecast.

Depending on what sort of start-up one plans to build, a start-up will need a lot of stuff to scale up. There are start-ups that barely need INR 10,000 to start with, whilst others need ample capital to run.

Most entrepreneurs tend to have a strong imaginative vision, strategy, and even implementation, but they also lack information about those things that may be the cause for their collapse, such as finance, bootstrapping, etc.

Anyway, it’s 2020, and there’s nothing you can’t learn. By leading them through the very deep concepts of business, acquisition, sharing, collaboration, recruiting, by-laws, etc., there are many courses to help entrepreneurs.

Top 11 best online Entrepreneurship Courses in India

1. Masterclass in Entrepreneurship by Sara Blakely

Founded by Sara Blakely, all you need to launch your entrepreneurial journey is this masterclass in entrepreneurship. It is made up of 14 different courses, each of which will provide you with a real-life entrepreneurship experience. In this masterclass, from the founder of Spanx, you will learn how to find the meaning of your business; she will talk about her path from an engineer to becoming a wealthy entrepreneur. For the advancement of your business plan & brand marketing, you will discover the value of devoted thought time. This masterclass also contains multimedia tutorials and real-world explanations that will help you gain insight into being an entrepreneur.

2. Udemy – Short Term Entrepreneurship Courses

A series of exclusive online entrepreneurship courses in India covering different subjects, such as the creation from scratch of a Shopify Dropshipping Company, how to come up with killer business ideas, business lessons from a real-life CEO, and much more. For those looking for small courses to launch an online company and kick-start their life as an entrepreneur, these courses are perfect. Also, popular and influential entrepreneurs, such as Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin, perform some of the courses. Video tutorials, papers, downloadable materials and a certificate for the completion of the course are included in each and every course.

3. EdX – Professional Entrepreneurship Courses

These technical qualification programmes are developed especially for those who want to dip their hands into entrepreneurship and create a profitable company. The classes, carried out by top institutions such as MIT, IIMB, and many others, guide you to all the technical facets of being an entrepreneur. This series is fantastic to start with, from teaching basic principles and theoretical methods such as the lean startup process to presenting case studies of effective entrepreneurs.

4. Coursera – Entrepreneurship Degrees and Certifications 

If you have a bright idea or vision that you want to turn into a profitable company, there are plenty of opportunities for you on this website. You should go to esteemed learning institutions for master’s programmes or classes that cover one or more skills needed to become a good entrepreneur. Take your picks from choices such as innovation concept thought, organisation and entrepreneurship English, being a changemaker, digital development, launching your own enterprise, and more.

5. Harvard – Online Entrepreneurship Courses

These classes, taught by Harvard Business School, one of the leading prestigious business schools, take you through all the verticals of entrepreneurship. Explore how it is possible to bring creativity and invention together to create a real company. Harvard professors are trained and mentored by the courses. Each course concentrates on numerous aspects of an entrepreneurial journey. Of the four lessons, the first deals with entrepreneurship in developing markets, the second deals with the introduction of breakthrough technology, the third deals with basic management skills, and the fourth deals with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

6. MIT – OpenCourseWare Entrepreneurship Courses

These educational classes, developed and taught by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are for people of all ages. For hundreds of thousands of students enrolled, these classes are both entertaining and insightful. The courses will provide you with the foundations for beginning a company that thrives by learning what is necessary for success in the start-up environment and the steps needed in the process.

These courses will teach you all, from designing a worthy business plan to doing market analysis and finally launching it in the right way. No prior qualifications or experience are required to enrol in the classes, but just the heart of an entrepreneur is what you need. Ultimately, a completion certificate may also be issued.

7. UpGrad

UpGrad is an online portal providing courses for higher education across several streams. Their classes, applicable to the sector, are comprehensive and rigorous. The agency has relationships with world-class faculty. If it’s digital marketing, law, banking, the management or computer science, there are specialist courses in all fields on the web. The architecture and layout of the courses are such that it improves employability and creates possibilities for a future to be continued. It has helped thousands of professionals reach their career ambitions so far and is instrumental in changing the mode of delivery of education in the digital era of today.

8. Startup India

This is a free online entrepreneurship software established in partnership with UpGrad by Invest India. This course aims to encourage entrepreneurs to take their projects to the next level by organised learning. The subjects relating to setting up a company are thoroughly discussed. 40+ top entrepreneurs share everything about their real-life achievements and shortcomings across several realms. The course is value-packed with perspectives from leading entrepreneurs. Any extra advantages of this initiative include networking with fellow entrepreneurs on an open chat site and mentoring with step-by-step guidelines on designing a business strategy for your company.

9. SP. Jain Institute of Management and Research

It is the Jain Institute of Management and Science. A part of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, it is an autonomous organisation that has been consistently ranked over the years among the top 10 management institutes. For postgraduates, traders, executives, and even family companies, the institute has a full range of programmes. It provides its members with a broad understanding of the industry through a relationship with reputable business schools and universities worldwide.

The SYB is a programme in entrepreneurship education to guide aspiring entrepreneurs who are focused on launching companies. Networking with other founders, venture investors, advertisers, service providers, and the likes of the entrepreneurship community would help candidates who take up this initiative. Specifically, the course curriculum caters to the needs of start-ups. The faculty has extensive knowledge in training and advising small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs.

10. London Business School – Startup Success: Fund Your Business without Venture Capital

This training is specifically prepared for developers, business owners, and corporate practitioners and focuses on showing you the five tested business models that will help you sustain your equity. You will cover several startup success modules in this package, such as launching your company, matchmaker models, pay-in-advance models, subscription and SaaS models, product model support, and more. The course is established by experienced London Business School teachers, who have educated numerous people to raise funds for their companies. In addition, for an individual appointment with Professor Mullins, if you have the best customer-fundable opportunity in the scheme, you will win a $5k cash prize.

11. Research Innovation Incubation Design Labs

This start-up school India curriculum has been established by Research Innovation Incubation Design Laboratories, which has been a very involved training provider for many courses related to industry and entrepreneurship, through which they will be able to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with some very informative knowledge about the in-depth principles of developing, managing and running a start-up effectively.

The course takes the students through some very fascinating processes that represent the institution’s realistic approach to helping entrepreneurs understand the real principles of company development and management.

Workshops are the first move in the course. Any of the most creative start-up gurus will be willing to attend seminars for emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs. They will share their studies, expertise, and ambitions to create a start-up.


Entrepreneurship is a fancy word for young people due to what they’ve all seen on the internet, but it takes serious work to be an entrepreneur beyond expensive cars, fancy houses, and millions and billions of dollars in a bank account.  Although it can do well to be excellent at entrepreneurship skills, being poor can be devastating at the same time. There are a lot of persons with brilliant ideas that have suffered for one or more reasons, such as mismanagement, infrastructure breakdown, implementation issues, etc. While there are people with very simplistic thoughts, on the other hand, they do well in business terms. So, this was our list of entrepreneurship courses in India. So what are you waiting for? Join one today to kickstart your career.

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