A Comprehensive Guide on How to Become a Football Coach

In terms of football potential, India has been referred to as a “sleeping giant” on several occasions. On the surface, the argument is right, since a nation with a massive population is bound to have more latent talents than other countries. However, the question persists as to whether the sleeping giant can be awoken. India is a large country with a lot of football potential, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to recognize and develop the talent into something more important & know how to become a football coach.

A coach’s position is critical in this situation. At the grassroots stage, India has lacked experienced football coaches who can work to identify talent and guide them in the right direction.

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Being a football coach entails being devoted to the team, assisting them in reaching their full potential, and improving the players in all areas. If you’re coaching children, youth football players, or professional football players, you’ll need to give it your all to ensure the team’s performance. You’ll be the one that motivates the players.

How to Become a Football Coach
How to Become a Football Coach

You could operate in diverse settings, including colleges, hospitals, sports clubs, and football clubs, and for people of all ages and skill levels, from children to adults, novice to specialist. How much you can go in your coaching career is determined by your level of experience and credentials.

The tide has started to turn, and the All India Football Federation(AIFF), India’s governing body for football, is taking more and more steps. The aim is for the country to develop qualified and trained football coaches.

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Aspiring coaches may apply for a total of six licenses, all of which are administered by the Indian FA. AIFF ‘E’ certificate, AIFF ‘D’ certificate, AIFF ‘C’ certificate, AFC ‘B’ Diploma, AFC ‘A’ Diploma, and finally AFC ‘Pro’ diploma license are the six levels.

An individual must have some experience playing the game at a high level, such as in some of the divisions of an Indian state league. This is the most fundamental requirement for applying for an AIFF coaching license. Before qualifying for the next stage of licensing, the applicant must obtain practical experience following each licensing course.

Available Courses on How to Become a Football Coach

Available Courses on How to Become a Football Coach
Available Courses on How to Become a Football Coach

There is a step-by-step qualification path that an aspiring football coach would pursue in order to advance their education and career in football coaching. The following is a complete list of all available coaching courses from the AIFF:

AIFF E License

The governing body’s most recent initiative, which seeks to impart yet more fundamental grassroots coaching expertise, will now be viewed as an “introductory course” instead of a “D” License starting in 2021.

A four-day program for which the applicant must register to his or her state organization and be at least 18 years old. The licensing requirements allow one to be eligible to coach in the Federation’s golden baby leagues (ages 6 to 12) and Futsal tournaments.

AIFF D License

After obtaining the ‘E’ license, an applicant can apply for the AIFF ‘D’ credential. The applicant will coach in both school competitions, youth teams, and state leagues with this license. Before applying for this license, a person must have at least three months of coaching experience.

The “D” License, formerly known as the “introductory course” in football coaching in India, is a six-day program that serves as a “preparatory course” for promising coaches interested in applying for the next level up the ladder, the “C” License.

Coaches who meet the licensing standards are allowed to operate in all colleges, academies, and similar leagues. The course contains two practical tests as well as a theory test. All three examinations must be passed in order to receive certification.

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AIFF C License

The next level in coaching certifications helps to teach people how to prepare, organize, and run training sessions. The 12-day curriculum is split into two modules, each of three practical and two theoretical tests.

Candidates must have completed the “D” License and have at least three months of coaching experience in order to qualify for this license. Any coach who satisfies the licensing standards may coach school teams as well as national sub-junior and junior league teams.

Candidates must pass three practical and two practical tests, as well as be tested for their interpretation of the rules of the game.

AFC B Diploma

The AIFF will take the next step in coordination with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and football coaches who have already earned their previous license will apply for the AFC “B” Diploma/Certificate in India. The key goal is to pass on information about game styles and to schedule more team-related sessions with tactical insights.

The course is divided into three modules which take a total of 19 days to complete. Individuals who meet the licensing requirements in India will coach teams in the National Second Division League, Elite, and Junior National Football Championships.

AFC A Diploma

The second highest degree an Indian coach can seek is the ‘A’ licensing. Before applying for this license, coaches must practice senior coaching for at least a year. Candidates are given guidance to help them develop tactical and strategic skills, as well as leadership qualities. After passing this point, a coach is qualified to oversee ISL clubs, youth teams, and state league clubs, as well as becoming the director of youth development and assistant coach of ISL clubs.

The candidates need to appear in three practical, two theoretical examinations, and one dissertation. The course is broken down into three modules and is spread out over a period of 24 days. The licensing requirements allow one to coach I-League teams as well as state senior teams.

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AFC Pro Diploma

The Pro License from the AFC is the highest level of qualification available in India, and it helps to train coaches in the new and most modern coaching methods used to run clubs and national teams.

The software is currently being reviewed, although it is typically divided into four modules. Coaches of professional football clubs and senior national teams are permitted to use the license requirements. An AFC ‘Pro’ license holding coach is eligible to manage ISL and I-League clubs.

AFC Goalkeeping Level (1, 2, & 3)

Goalkeeping coaches are appointed to a professional club. Achieving a goalkeeping standard credential is a pre-requisite for those interested in pursuing a career in this area.

The AIFF “C” License is the basic prerequisite for applying for goalkeeping standard certificates.

AFC Conditioning Coaching License (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B)

The course, which is one of the AFC’s specialized courses, seeks to prepare players in the physical facets of the game and develop their overall fitness. Conditioning trainers are increasingly required by competitive clubs to keep up with the game’s increasing physical demands and sustain their players’ success standards.

AFC Futsal Certificate Level (1, 2, & 3) 

Recognizing Futsal’s rapid global development, the AIFF aims to train football coaches in the Futsal game in order to recognize individual talents and build a strong Futsal base in the region. The multiple stages of qualification train people who are interested in this area by training them in Futsal-specific strategies and tactics.

Benefits of Certifying as a Football Coach

Benefits of Certifying as a Football Coach
Benefits of Certifying as a Football Coach

Opening up Coaching Pathways and Opportunities

Coaching licenses are professionally accredited qualifications that indicate that you’ve achieved the highest degree of preparation in order to carry on your experience to children and older athletes. This is crucial when it comes to landing a coaching position for a local team or football academy.

There is a rising need for trained coaches across India’s football environment, not to mention the need to keep your First Aid and Safeguarding certificates updated.

Staying Updated 

Coaching courses evolve in lockstep with the game of football. Take a look at the tactical changes that have occurred in the Premier League in recent seasons. What operated three or four years ago could now be outdated. Instead of depending on possibly out-of-date strategies, up-to-date coaching credentials would show you the skills and approaches that are critical right now. You’ll be at the top of the game once you complete your coaching badges.

Handsome Payscale

The average salary of a football coach in India is not as high as compared to coaches in Europe but still is decent to earn doing something you love. A head coach in India may earn from Rs. 5,00,000 to 8,00,000 per anum. This may even vary from the level of expertise you provide as well as the experience you have gathered over the years.

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To conclude, because of the scarcity of professional clubs in India, there are many possibilities for a football coach, mostly at the grassroots level. Talent production and identification must begin early in the process. As a result, professional coaches are required at the school and academy levels.

AIFF’s launch of new services is a significant step in the right direction. However, much more investment is needed to build a strong base of players that will enable India to finally realize its untapped potential and make a mark in the sport on a global scale.

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