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Have you always been the preferred one to speak something that needs the perfect use of vocabulary, grammar and phrases for friends and family? Do you enjoy reading, researching or wordplay, and want to express your own viewpoint? Do you want to build a lucrative career in Content Writing? Well, we have made the choice easy for you. Here is Information Developers Foundation Review to give you clarity on the content writing course they provide.

“Content” is a broad term which implies the use of words to communicate stuff to others, literally something about your business, your concept, your project. A fashion designer, for instance, sets up a new website and wants to highlight her brand, what she does, her industry distinctions, what services she provides. The material here will help her portray her brand in the right way to the world.

As a content creator, you will be given ideas and subjects on which you have to create the content (or be asked to come up on your own). Such content, such as website content, blogs, advertising, social media sites, etc., can be both interactive and offline, such as storeys, presentations, projects, technical papers, academic papers, etc. 

Content is the centre of advertisement, but you should still create content for advertising marketing items, such as brochures, posters, hoardings/billboards, print advertisements, etc in addition to digital content.

Information Developers Foundation Review – About

Information Developers Foundation
Information Developers Foundation

For two authors and content strategists, InfoDev is an Online (& Offline) Transformational Den. It was founded in 2009 by Rahul Karn. Their strategy is to inspire others to build and expand a passion-based culture, to promote big ideas that will transform the world of content and to teach people about how they can be the best knowledge creators, no matter where they are on their journey.

The IDF aims to encourage knowledge developers in the fields of art, technology, research, social welfare, etc. The key purpose of the IDF is to ensure the promotion of the fields of professional correspondence, provided that the benefit is used to support only the objects of the organisation, where the ban on paying any dividend to its members is forbidden.

Information Developers Foundation Review – Reasons to Choose

  • This is a single teaching institution for content writing that is developed, nurtured and mentored by a trained specialist in content writing. 
  • They are hosting national Information Developers Conclave conferences sponsored by an organisation like Adobe. 
  • On a progressive educational course, they offer IDF certifications. 
  • Enter user groups, engage in forums, and gain access to member-only content and the only work board devoted to linking members and organisations with experienced, passionate professionals. Become a member of a network of professionals.
  • They provide you with the prestigious IDF blog site to share your storey and introduce yourself to the world. This work will also be used as the sample work during the interview.
  • Some of their larger meetings involve a call for presentations, while others are reserved for speakers who are invited.

Information Developers Foundation Review – Unique Masterclass

  • How to create a Consumer Identity in order to architect a great plan for content that turns into sales. 
  • The tools you’ll need to be a successful marketer of content. 
  • The “Content Formula” that ties the dots between writing content and selling content. 
  • Different styles of content, persuasive writing style for directions that provide the tone you need to produce targeted leads and prospects in the different sales funnel process. 
  • Content forms that turn customers to leads. 
  • To build a marketing strategy that is laser-focused using our Content Strategy Plan cheatsheets, select from targets, metrics and multiple categories of content.) 
  • The Editorial Planner document that produces a cakewalk for content preparation. 
  • Quick article templates that you can make any decent article great and consumable by introducing.
  • SEO Health Search that shows enhancement of SEO and lacunas (Learning to spot these issues is guaranteed to make you a rockstar). 
  • Components of The Perfect Newsletter for Email. 
  • How a freelancer can earn and survive. 
  • More… you can discover the organic (free) and paid traffic platforms that you can use on the social network to distribute your content.

Information Developers Foundation Review – Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction and concepts of content communication

  • Understanding 5 why
  • Course Introduction and jobs and responsibilities of content writers
  • Principles and types of communication
  • Content development and marketing lifecycle
  • Types and classification of contents 

Section 2: Agile content development and implementation

  • The insight of web development companies
  • Overview of websites and Content Management System
  • Content Development in the Agile environment

Section 3: Content development cycle

  • Content planing including keyword planner
  • Audience analysis and persona development
  • Information Gathering and Analysis (online-offline)
  • Organising the content
  • Information Architect
  • Different type of documents structure
  • Content re-usability benefits and tricks

Section 4: Graphics and screen capturing best practices

  • Screen shots, call outs, captions, flow chart work for you
  • Screen capturing tools- SnagIT and others
  • Creating web banners and logo 
  • Tools: Canva, MS VISIO &  

Section 5: Different documents and major components

  • Understanding and writing components of different documents 

Section 6: English grammar refresher

  • Necessary grammar required for logical and clear writing

Section 7: Web content writing

  • Make the write content choice
  • Text for the web
  • Video content for the web
  • Community provided content
  • Micro contents for social media and Chatbot
  • Evaluate your content
  • Searchability and accessibility of content with different search engine
  • International considerations for web content
  • Legal considerations and issues for the web content
  • Basic differences between American and British English Writing
  • Additional Globalization and Localizations resource

Section 8: Blogging

  • Getting start with the blog
  • Find your niche
  • Selecting the content management system
  • The different form of blogging
  • The basic steps to getting your first blog up and running and posting your first post.
  • Getting better
  • The different way to make money from your blog

Section 9: Content Marketing

  • Overview of digital marketing and content marketing
  • Concepts of SEO
  • Keyword Planning and writing accordingly
  • Social Media Marketing content development
  • Understanding Analytics and writing content accordingly.
  • E-mail marketing and building email list
  • Affiliate marketing and tips and tricks to earn money
  • Develop your authority
  • Challenges and troubleshooting

Section 10: Freelancing

  • Freelancing and you (identify your objective)
  • Developing business strategy, business plan, & business model
  • Identify customer and customer categories
  • Understanding taxes involved, legal, and insurance
  • Invoicing and template of the invoice
  • Marketing material required for promo
  • Creating your portfolio
  • Calculate the price and time of the project
  • Bidding and Negotiating

Information Developers Foundation Review – Features

  • 4 Day Course in the Classroom (Full Day). 
  • The Course Credential for Content Strategy (We call it Professional Content Certified) 
  • 10 Mails for Main Modules 
  • Live Classes Online ( For students joining online) 
  • An exclusive web library full of exclusive material for downloading. 
  • Job aid before you find a dream job 
  • Resume writing assistance for writing 
  • A badge designating you as a strategist with approved content that can be hosted on your website, and a profile on LinkedIn, and you can even wear it to show your authority on your resume. 
  • A printed certificate which is appropriate for framing.

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