Top 9 Social Media Growth Hacks to Use in 2021

With the rise in technology, social media has been a hugely influential source for business organizations. Not only does it gives an online presence to the brands but is also an extensive source for generating leads and building a relationship with customers. Social media has been a huge part of the marketing strategies and will be used more and more in the near future and that is why you should use these social media growth hacks.

Whether you run a small local shop or a large national company, it doesn’t matter. Social media is an important part of your marketing strategy.

Social platforms assist you to communicate with clients, increase brand awareness and boost leads and revenues. With more than three billion individuals using social media each month around the globe, this is not a passing trend.

Importance of social media:

  • Social Media boosts brand awareness
  • Increases Inbound Traffic 
  • Improves SEO
  • Increases Conversions Rates
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhances Brand Loyalty

Top 9 Growth Hacks for Social Media

1. Viral on YouTube

Viral on YouTube
Viral on YouTube

YouTube is this world’s second-biggest search engine after Google, and promoting your company on YouTube makes perfect sense. The future is of videos and you need some excellent abilities to become viral on YouTube. 

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

Due to the potential for your video to go “viral” or get loads of opinions from many prospective clients, YouTube marketing is essential to all business organizations. One that’s funny, valuable or contentious is a viral video. It is shared constantly on social media sites or by email with thousands of spectators generating a great deal of traffic to your video and website.

Here are some social media growth that can be used to make a viral Youtube Videos:

  • Before you begin creating a video, research your target keywords as not all videos can go viral. Keywords should be capable of gaining a lot of opinions.
  • After posting your video on YouTube, be sure to promote it across other channels such as LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, Hacker News, etc. Tweet your video to appropriate email bloggers and influencers as well. This will assist capture as many video views as you can from your video.
  • Creating brief videos and taking advantage of storytelling authority. For your videos, the suggested duration is between 5-10 minutes. People prefer to watch short videos.
  • Analyze your niche’s top viral videos and discover prevalent trends. These concepts can be used to create your next video.
  • Use the strength of feelings to strengthen your video. People are more likely to watch and share the video if it is exciting and amusing. Having emotions in a video is much more relatable for the audience.

2. Promote Through Influencers

This is one of the best social media growth hacks. Influencers are individuals with a big amount of supporters. You can connect with micro-influencers and ask them to promote your products or services. It’s easy to work with a micro-influencer and it won’t cost a great deal of money. You can even publish in your blog a roundup of micro-influencers.

If it is shared and suggested by a number of social media micro-influencers, your company will receive a favorable reaction from the audience. Marketing through an influencer is a way for brands to establish relationships with a fresh crowd and to make their current customers more loyal. Consumers trust the influencer’s content and suggestions.

Social media channels are increasing rapidly across all age groups and since these platforms mostly connect influencers with customers, this marketing strategy is crucial for a marketing strategy for brands.

3. Audience Engagement

The entire purpose of using social media is to reach and communicate with more individuals in order to boost the popularity of your brand and sell more. The more you engage with your crowd, the better will be the relationship with them.

Connect with smaller niches because their interests are more linked and enthusiastic. They’re always searching for fresh content and engagement, therefore. This implies that you can even communicate on a private level with them.

Do not just look for complaints when interacting with them, read everything they’re saying in order to learn about the sector, trends, and what the readers are thinking about your brand. Engage with those who respond to it when you publish something to make them feel essential and appreciated.

Ask your audience for recommendations, views, and thoughts. You can use surveys, quizzes, and content for conversation. You will be able to construct a big community by engaging with your crowd. Join other discussions with third parties to achieve more individuals.

4. Social Sharing Schedule

You must pursue a schedule to publish your content frequently on each of your social media profiles. You need to define the best times to publish content on each of your social media channels.

It has been shown that posting the same content more than once improves the likelihood that current content will generate more traffic. Planning and scheduling your content on social media keeps your brand voice consistent and makes your content a credible source of data for industry participants.

The capacity to visualize your social content strategy over a period of time and remain organized across all social channels is one of the advantages of scheduling your social media posts.

5. Content Creation

Content Creation
Content Creation

Use your content to link emotionally with your audience. Create something with which your audience will feel connected, speak and purchase in-making it more shareable. Your content’s shareability will determine if it has the ability to become viral.

Data analysis is one of the most significant things about social media marketing. It enables you to determine what to post in order to achieve the highest outcomes. Watch out for trending topics and those with the greatest amount of search in your sector, and post material linked to those subjects.

Try using more graphics than text in your blogs and content on social media as much as possible. Use pictures, videos, charts, illustrations, graphs, etc. People prefer watching videos and images as it is something that gets deeply embedded in our brains.

Don’t just stick with the modern, pictures, blog posts, and videos. Instead, investigate other kinds like memes, infographics, and conversations based on what the audience communicates. You will always have something exciting to post and join conversations with users of social media.

Avoid creating lengthy content that does not give readers any value. Focus instead on composing a brief, resourceful piece of content that inspires your audience to comment and share. Also, you have particular objectives in mind whenever you create content.

Most social media individuals are just trying to communicate with others and have fun. So be very cautious about how you involve your crowd. Make sure you resonate with them, but at the same time you can pass on the message that you intend to convey.

6. Drive Customers To Your Website

Social media is an excellent platform to raise awareness of the brand. You want to see that investment leads to sales, though, as a company. You need to give your audience a reason for engaging with your company and visiting your website to accomplish this.

You should use the different instruments that social media channels offer, such as buttons and built-in forms. This will assist you to boost your leads. 

Business organizations also need to carry out targeted social media campaigns. These social campaigns are an excellent way of producing leads. They vary from everyday marketing attempts in social media because they generally have particular objectives, defined starting and ending periods, and can track their outcomes. The campaigns often cover a specific company aspect such as promoting a fresh product.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

7. Live Videos

Live videos have become such a fun and efficient way to communicate and create greater relationships with individuals. Live videos are unique, and the viewer feels fortunate to be a part of the live video.

More than any other content, most platforms push live videos, and the nice thing is that individuals enjoy them. Try to take the benefit from live videos to engage your audience more.

8. Publicize Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Even as you try on different platforms to engage with your audience, it’s important that you don’t lose focus on the primary objective of making sales. Find intelligent ways to get your marketing messages up and running.

Promoting content that is free rather than products. Using channels for a subscription. Directing individuals to the product with the assistance of content. Well, to write the best in-demand content, it is highly advised to take up a content writing course. Ask individuals to register precious material free of charge.

9. Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials
Reviews & Testimonials

In convincing customers to buy a product or service, social proof is very important, especially for local businesses. This is what made it into their ranking algorithm by search engines. Make sure you have feedback to enhance your rankings. 

You can either manually request consumers or enlist tools to request a review from customers. In your achievement, having commitments and favourable reviews will play a significant part.


Be distinctive with your marketing content and your marketing plan for social media. Share high-quality and engaging content and generate excellent advertisements on social media. Build interactions with influencers of the social media platform. Encourage sharing. Creating anticipation. Make sure to use these social media growth hacks and achieve your targets.

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