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Are you passionate about writing? Here is the Wordsline review for you get a better option in terms of renowned content writing courses.

It is possible to describe content writers as someone who creates content for the internet or someone who creates entertaining content for web use. In recent years, with the growth of the market, the demand for content writers has multiplied along with the popularity of content writing course. In the work market today, there are different types of content creators, such as those who write posts, blogs, scripts, etc.

For the organisation he/she works for a content writer is responsible for delivering content of the highest standards. The work created by a content writer talks explicitly to the target audience, which as a well-weaved tale, is the real challenge of a content writer, has no meaning unless and until it fulfils its sole purpose – to talk to the intended audience.

Wordsline Review – About


Wordsline Content Writing Company also provides Content Writing accredited in-house and online training courses. The workshops are designed to assist students from any perspective to gain a comprehensive understanding of Corporate Writing and strengthen their ability to succeed as a competent writer of content.

Certification courses for both in-house and online content writing are built with well-researched and technically focused modules of similar value to theoretical lessons and practical instruction. Expert content writers with years of expertise in the area of content and copywriting perform the theory courses within the programmes. The lessons include the basics of writing content for the creation of content focused on SEO. As individual teaching with tailored support, the realistic aspect of the content creation courses is where students can get the right introduction to various forms of content writing practise.

They assist their students with the best content writing courses to be industry-ready to work in every area as a competent content writer. Their online technical writing course is an extension to carving skills that are ideally tailored to today’s industry needs for professionals who are interested in becoming a freelance content developer or a part-time copywriter.

Wordsline Review – Online Content Writing Course

Wordsline offers educational preparation programmes for writing content to help people launch a progressive career in the industry. The advanced online content writing course can be attended by anyone with basic English writing ability and a core interest in content development, regardless of age, ethnicity, or educational background.

For those who want to be a profitable freelance content creator, the first step towards the target will definitely be online writing preparation! The online content creation course can be a strong aid for practitioners from varied backgrounds to quickly strengthen business writing skills. The course curriculum is structured to help candidates experience consistent growth in writing skills and to become a professional with a comprehensive knowledge of the content writing mantra.

For 35 various styles of leading content projects, the online content development curriculum provides 10 philosophy courses outlining the fundamentals of content writing and hands-on training. Online preparation for writers is carried out by industry experts with the right content writing skills. With timely feedback and recommendations from trainers, the realistic sessions are solely personal, valuing each learner’s ease and convenience.

On satisfactory completion of the course, the online training programme gives a valid certificate in content writing. The course fee is INR 8,000 only and can be charged on a 50 per cent advance payment at any time as per the convenience of the aspirants.

Wordsline Review – Theory Classes

Module 1

  • What is Content Writing?
  • Different types of corporate writing
  • The most selling content writing works in the industry

Module 2

  • Step by step process of professional writing
  • Fundamentals of content writing
  • Applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Ensuring Clarity and Readability
  • Proof Reading Tips
  • Checking Plagiarism
  • Keeping References
  • Layout creation for writing in different styles for diverse purposes

Module 3

  • Top 10 Careers in content writing
  • How to start a career as a freelance writer?

Module 4

  • What is SEO?
  • Rules to create SEO friendly content
  • Tools for Keyword Integration

Module 5

  • Content Strategy and Content Marketing
  • How to build efficient content marketing strategies in ease?

Wordsline Review – Practical Sessions

Get expert guidance and samples for 35 different types of content writing works;

  • Taglines
  • Facebook Posts
  • Bookmarks
  • Classifieds
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Mailers
  • Creative Blog
  • Technical Blog
  • SEO based Blog
  • Magazine Articles
  • Press Release
  • Layout Creation
  • Brochure/Flyer
  • Personal/Individual Profile
  • Corporate/Company Profile
  • Proposal/Project Plan
  • Investor Proposal
  • Product Descriptions
  • Catalogue
  • Branding Guides and strategies
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Research Papers
  • Academic Article
  • News Letter
  • Corporate Video Script
  • Advertisement script
  • Voice Over Script
  • Terms and Condition
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Creative Website
  • Technical Website
  • SEO based Website

Wordsline Review – On-House Content Writing Training

Wordsline Content Writing Company provides accredited in-house content writing training courses. The 1:1 training programme is designed to assist candidates from any perspective to gain a comprehensive understanding of Corporate Writing and to strengthen their ability to succeed as a competent writer of content. Expert content writers with years of expertise in the area of content and copywriting administer the course.

In content writing, the 100-hour programme contains a clear credential. The course is built with modules that are well studied and technically focused, giving theory and practical teaching equal value. The training requires 10 hours of theory learning and realistic experience in various forms of content development assignments promising hands-on experience. Both theory and implementation, the course fee is INR 10,000.

Wordsline Review – Theory Classes

Day 1 – What is Content Writing?

  • An introduction to different types of writing
  • Ways to get inspired to create content.
  • Tips to improve Content Writing Skills
  • Careers in the content industry
  • Build efficient content marketing strategies in ease.

Day 2 – Overview of the process of professional writing

  • Fundamentals of writing
  • Pre-writing Guidelines
  • Tips for writing professionally in different styles
  • Ensuring clarity and readability
  • How to create error-free drafts – Grammar for Writers
  • Proof Reading /Editing techniques
  • Checking and Correcting Plagiarism
  • Rules for Referencing
  • Publishing

Day 3 – How to create layout and content for different purposes

  • Website Contents
  • Blog Articles
  • Branding Guides & Strategies
  • Marketing Collateral Contents
  • Social Media Posts /Content Calendars
  • Advertisement Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts /Online Presentations
  • Article Writing
  • Academic Writings
  • Technical Writings
  • Official Documents
  • Newsletters
  • Magazine Articles
  • Presentation & Seminar Materials
  • E-Books
  • Research Papers
  • Mailers

Day 4 – Writing for Web /Online

  • What is SEO?
  • Guidelines to create SEO friendly content
  • Keyword Integration and Usage
  • How to create a reader-centric document with perfect SEO strategies?

Day 5 – A Guide to Freelancing Opportunities in Content Writing

  • How to start your career as a freelance writer?
  • Know points to consider while committing freelance projects.
  • Tips to become a high –paid freelance writer

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