Top 6 Free Content Writing Courses in India

There’s a huge amount of information available online for anyone aspiring to start a career in content writing. The overwhelming volume of data will leave people confused. It’s difficult for the novices to understand which knowledge is accurate. In this post, to the advantage of all wish to be content writers out there, we are discussing the top 6 free content writing courses in India.

Free Content Writing Course
Free Content Writing Course

The content writing industry provides a variety of career prospects. It really is a huge chance.  Story writing is a paragliding concept that includes numerous writing professions and thus has immense scope and possibilities. A career in writing material is often versatile with timings. It can be used as a primary work, or also as a side hustle. There is a steady increase in the number of Internet users in India, particularly with the digital India initiative. A shortage is also causing a shortfall in professional content writers and a rise in demand.

If you have outstanding writing skills or even decent English, you will take advantage of this demand and offer distance. Short-term free online content writing courses with certificates would be enough to get your career rolling. With experience and practice, you can scale great heights. The content is considered the King for online business branding. High quality and original material for the ecommerce websites, personal blogs and other websites are considered the secret to growth. Therefore, there should be no question that freelance marketing is a niche of tremendous business potential.

Content Writing is Booming

Today a content writer must be a strong curator of content. We used to practise standard 500 words even a few years ago over streamlined content writing. Writers of text used to write to please spider search engine. Yet content authors need to write for the real readers now. The faster you learn the art of being a good curator of content, the higher the profits you can earn a lot.

From a small company to large-scale enterprise – they are both moving online or highlighting their web presence. Because of this rise in the content writing industry was noted. It is now a rapidly growing industry, providing many talented and committed content writers jobs opportunities.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

For search engines, contents are usually written up to now. Now you have to compose content to even manage social media channels. It needs more engaging, usable and fascinating material from content creators. The need for content writing services emerges from the ever-changing laws of the game in digital marketing. Getting discovered on Google or creating effective traffic and sales funnel on social media involves creating and sharing quality content constantly.

Scope of Content Writing

Scope of Content Writing
Scope of Content Writing

The content is not limited to writing blogs and posts alone but has broadened boundaries. Anyone with decent writing skills will be able to write a blog but only advertisers can take it beyond blogging to make a strong plan to attract millions. In the modern age, as channels get overwhelmed with so much material, what separates the brand from t is the marketing-related content.

Every commodity, in the age of globalisation, demands broader distribution and competes with other products around the world. It will be a high-quality material that will perform to attract the viewer. Content marketing is in developments as it takes the organisation to a younger era.

According to marketing research digital marketing doubles the overall engagement rates of the platform. You will have enormous success in the sector that supports digital marketing rather than early adopters. People ask questions regularly that pertain to the goods and core topics.

Today the writing of content is a thriving market. Every single online portal needs content to express the message to the websites. When the material on the site grows, so does the market for material authors. Content serves as a catalyst for the contact between the manufacturer and the public. Search engines gave rise to SEO copywriters who gradually became material writers.

Top Skills of a Successful Content Writer

1. Thorough Researcher

Thorough Researcher
Thorough Researcher

They recognize that well-researched content educating their target market is one of the most powerful methods for creating the credibility of a company, which will, in addition, maximize rating.

2. Adaptability

Expert content writers know exactly how critical it is to excel to be adaptable and to learn a variety of content writing styles. Any type of content writing needs something else, and a good content writer in Noida will recognise this easily and adjust accordingly.

3. Understands The Target Audience

Within and outside, the best content creators recognize their intended audience(s). They compose content primarily focused on informing, educating and interacting with their audience; they acknowledge the value of going further into their audience.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

4. Social Media User

Content creation and social media go hand in hand; this is something the most valuable content writers know and use to their advantage. We encourage the development of content on social media daily and keep an eye on analytics to track what works well, using this knowledge to produce more content.

5. Great Story-Telling Skills

Story authors who outperform their peers possess excellent skill in storytelling. Whatever the content, they‘re able to weave it into a relevant story that captivates its audience and drives engagement.nitor to create better content using this information.

Top Free Content Writing Courses in India

1. Free Online Creative Writing Courses Bundle – SkillShare

Skill Share

Skillshare is an online content platform that provides thousands of free content writing courses for people who want to train from videos online. It’s fun, innovative content writing courses online free that will help you learn the fundamentals of writing material. It’s useful for all students who wish to master the writing process and veterans looking for new learning strategies.

It contains many classes that help you master the foundations of creative writing, how to write impactful openings and many more. Such free content writing courses concentrate on particular topics and will improve the fundamentals. It gives the first-month free trial, and later the cost is still very low, offering high-quality education at reasonable rates.

If you choose to jump-start a career in literature, non-fiction or use your writing as tools to improve your career in a timely way, this e-learning website provides a number of choices. Some of the leading classes cover critical topics like the 6 steps to develop a good writing habit, creativity principles, artistic thinking by journaling and preparation. Hence the topics are discussed to the core when the lessons are brief to making it easier to comprehend.

2. Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing (Udemy)

Content Writing Courses in India

You should sign up for this course on Udemy if you’re a content developer or copywriter and you’re searching for opportunities to get better at this talent. These content writing courses online free will help you explore some free online resources and apps you can use to write copies and content that are successful. These content writing courses online free is curated and designed by a top-selling teacher of the course, Udemy, Tyler Speegle, who helped people start writing from scratch. Copywriting and content writing with adequate experience would be a cakewalk to you after completing this tutorial.

With this free content writing courses, you can learn about different learning platforms and smartphone applications that can help you increase your brand recognition and competitiveness & Craft creative headlines that boost brand exposure. You will be able to create new content design ideas that can be shared to various channels like social media, guest blogger sites and the like & coordinate your content development workflow and the production of ideas through effective tools and also write content that is error-free and that sells and goes viral too.

3. Creative Writing Certification Course by Wesleyan – Coursera

Content Writing Courses In India

This course makes you excel in three types of writing content, i.e., short storey, memoirs, and long-form material. It lets you learn how to write a good storey with fresh characters, and creative style. The course is structured in such a way that someone with zero creative content development background will readily grasp the principles of it.

After completing the course, you would be able to write technical material that is error-free. The entire course is broken down into four sections that can be learned in any order. These content writing courses free will help you excel in storey, design, definition & other craftsmanship. You’ll be expected to compose an 8-15-page essay or storey at the end of the free online content writing courses with certificates without any grammatical errors and plagiarism.

4. Free Content Marketing Courses Online (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning Lynda
LinkedIn Learning Lynda

Content Marketing is one of the sectors that is growing day by day and it seems to be challenging immensely. Therefore this website has established a set of 59 free content writing courses and training to suit your needs. Focusing on the various features of this subject, such as social networking, foundations, podcasting, newsletters and more, it’s obvious there’s a lot to learn based on different levels of complexity. You will have the ability to work on similar projects at the completion of your selected programme.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

These content writing courses free will offer well-designed content and all the subjects are elaborately discussed. With the aid of illustrations, the teacher can help you deal with the basic features. A variety of resources for applying the techniques discussed in the exercises and detailed guidance on how to use the practise software. With the choice ‘offline view,’ you can access the lessons online as well as offline. The instruction is split into tips and strategies, along with tests. Within the first month after signing up on the website, the content of the videos exercises files and other research materials will be downloaded for free.

5. Content Writing Certification by Hubspot


Hubspot’s Content Writing Certification content writing courses free is perfect for you if you want to take your content development skills to a higher level. These free online content writing courses with certificates will teach you how to build a successful marketing plan for your company and will help turn your guests into leaders.

Including preparing and developing content to repurposing and encouraging as well as for analytics these free online content writing courses with certificates will teach you all. It makes you a content writing master and gives you a technical edge. In addition, after completion of the course, you can also measure your success by taking an online test.

6. Open2Study


Writing for the Web is a course offered by Frankie Madden, a senior customer interface specialist at Stamford Interactive, on Open2Study. For content writers, it’s another perfect path yet. This free course allows you to fine-tune your writing skills in material and you get an achievement certificate when you finish the course.

To remain relevant you need to constantly fine-tune your content writing and digital marketing skills. These free content writing courses will teach you new techniques to brainstorm innovative ideas about content, create compelling content online, and repurpose it to acquire leads and clients.

Compare & Contrast of Paid and Free Content Writing Course 

Let’s compare free and paid online content writing lessons and find out how to move forward if you’re new to the content writing environment. Story writing lessons online in the form of either live collaborative sessions or video recordings. Although most free courses offer structured sessions and drills, immersive sessions guided by an instructor are common for the paying courses.

The free courses have minimal infrastructure while paying courses to provide access to the learning management system, which is up-to-date with emerging patterns. While free courses are devoid of live interaction and paying courses, human contact has comfort. The free courses do not offer encouragement. In paying courses the instructors are a reference and motivational factor.

Not only do they direct on the dos and don’ts, but they also inspire and empower students to understand their full potential. In the other hand, the free classes are useful when it comes to brushing up an established experience or even having a clear understanding. Only the paying classes, which include live tasks and assignments with reviews, allow for in-depth learning and execution.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

Final Thoughts

For most human beings the instinctive thing is to take free classes. In itself, the term “open” is rather magnetic. Humans have always been intrigued by the idea of getting anything without having to pay for it. But be conscious and told that more often than not free courses have many limitations.

In summary, most free courses are just philosophy with hardly any students, although they have actionable points. But the paying courses require at least 80 per cent of the students of any philosophy.

Although free courses are suitable for learning the English writing skills and grammar that are required, they do not prove to be a suitable choice for those trying to start a content development career. But, whether it’s creative writing, scholarly writing, professional writing, online copywriting, or blogging, free classes are an outstanding forum for providing a simple rundown and comprehension.

But the paying courses are the ones that demonstrate practical expertise and actionable abilities. In the end, the courses provided by institutes/academies have encouragement for selection, which is the main aim of learning. You can apply for either a free or paid online content writing course, based on your learning level and objectives.

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