Top 15 Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

One of the most profitable job opportunities in the western world is Digital Marketing. That’s because the digital investment is rising at a rate that is literally inconceivable. Naturally, there are numerous individuals trying to develop a career in it. That takes us to the dilemma! What are the best digital marketing courses in Delhi if you live in Delhi and want to study Digital Marketing?

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

A substantial number of students and professionals are looking forward to developing a career in Digital Marketing, realizing the tremendous amount of career development in this field. And the craze for digital marketing courses in Delhi is simply wow.

You certainly need some experience to get your foot in the digital marketing field. You need some knowledge of Digital Marketing, aside from basic conversational skills and a strong critical mentality.

Career in Digital Marketing
Career in Digital Marketing

A broad variety of tactics, methods, and platforms are used in digital marketing that requires adequate preparation to learn. There is, however, a requirement for rock-solid digital marketing preparation.

However, you ought to be vigilant. Joining some Digital Marketing Course is going to land you nowhere just for the sake of it. Given the availability of a plethora of Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi, you need to pick the one that not only is the best but also suits all your needs.

You must take into account that any successful course would have the following advantages:

  • An industry-centric program
  • Trainers with a broad degree of implementation expertise
  • Topics addressing all the multiple skill-related networks
  • Heavy application-based instruction hands-on

Based on the curriculum, course length, instruction technique, course fee, and other significant criteria, the following top Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi are further bifurcated so that you can conveniently evaluate and select the right one.

Top 15 Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya has an advisory team of over 60 instructors, with most of them having more than 20 years of useful experience. The most significant thing about these trainers is that they are each a specialist in one particular niche skill. So, they have experts in optimizing for search engines, content for search engines that are created by experts with the help of a content writing course, email marketing, inbound, e-commerce marketing, and so on.

Honestly, there is no finer community of coaches you can get to teach you. Not just that, the sheer skill of trainers in partnership to create a program is just unmatched. And that is what has been achieved by Digital Vidya. To build their course program, they have pulled together the brightest minds in the field.

Only after its students are put in influential jobs does Digital Vidya deem its work accomplished. Digital Vidya has an active Placement Cell to fulfill this function, which operates in perfect harmony to have suitable placements.

In addition to providing professionals and students with digital marketing training, Digital Vidya is an official training partner of Google & Microsoft India and provides companies with intensive training to elevate their business. Digital Vidya’s special internships help students to acquire practical knowledge in the Digital Marketing domain.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

2. Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India is a pioneer in Training & Consultancy for Digital Marketing. They have in their kitty a digital marketing course, which is one of Delhi’s top digital marketing courses.

Digital Academy India has been educating more than 5,000 professionals and students around India since its inception. They have a clear-cut vision of providing job development with the latest digital media training. In order to deliver the best digital marketing course, Digital Academy India has been working continuously.

The Digital Marketing Course of DAI encompasses all the main Digital Marketing modules where they concentrate mainly on realistic aspects of Digital Marketing. They also make sure that the advanced expertise and skills needed for the development, management, and assessment of digital marketing campaigns are established.

To ensure that students acquire the most in-demand skills that support today’s emerging digital marketing, they provide a combination of formal and realistic digital marketing education.

100 percent placement assistance has been one of the Digital Academy’s top priorities since its inception. They work on giving their students the best placement support.

3. AIMA (ALL India Management Association)

The All India Management Association is India’s apex management body. It was developed in 1957 with the objective of improving the country’s management power. It partners closely with states, businesses, research schools, and students in collaboration.

By providing numerous skill development, training & study services, AIMA makes a tremendous contribution to the provision of trained professionals.

AIMA has grown for over six decades as times have changed. AIMA provides a Technical Degree in Digital Marketing & Analytics in association with Digital Vidya through recognizing the meaning of Digital Marketing today.

The course combines in-depth principles of digital marketing along with great methods for implementation, making AIMA one of Delhi’s best digital marketing courses. Digital marketing executives and subject matter experts are developing the course, which primarily covers basic principles of digital marketing, data research, and deployment tools.

4. YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association)

The Young Men’s Christian Association, also known as YMCA, is a national organization that focuses on youth empowerment and has a wide variety of services for the development of skills.

New Delhi YMCA was founded in 1927 and has proven its importance in providing students with diverse and youth-centred services to help them develop a better future.

YMCA offers a full-fledged course on Digital Marketing and Media Strategy, recognizing the need for the time and growing importance of Digital Marketing.

5. Manipal Prolearn

Manipal Prolearn is an emerging curriculum hub that has been working continuously to help young learners accomplish their aspirations for years. The institute receives worldwide certification from top organizations such as Microsoft, Gramener, Google, etc. It is a rising institution that aims to combine additional courses in order to boost its reputation.

6. Simply Digital

Mr. Prashant Sinha founded Simply Digital, one of the top Digital Marketing Institutes, in 2015. With the new developments in digital marketing, the institute was set up to support the aspirants. Simply Digital is well known for its Digital Marketing workshops, which primarily concentrate on developing practical experience and updating the awareness of its applicants.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

7. Digital Payout

Digital Payoff launched in 2008 and has educated more than 2000 individuals around the nation successfully. In a creative approach, the institute claims. It has developed a rigorous program that is parallel to the need for the sector. To meet the professional needs of aspirants from all backgrounds, Digital Payout provides both classroom and corporate instruction.

8. HiAim

In 2013, HiAim began its Digital Marketing Program Preparation. So far, 1331 applicants have been trained by HiAim successfully. The institute offers nine certifications that are awarded only after 20 modules have been successfully completed. HiAim also provides a 100 percent placement service.

9. Amity

Amity is one of the leading UGC-recognized research & innovation-driven universities in India. It has on its faculty some of the most creative think leaders.

Amity offers a 12-month Digital Marketing Strategy Post Graduation Diploma to help students and professionals develop skills for job development in the digital marketing industry.

10. Digital Marketing Profs

Digital Marketing Profs has based its curriculum of courses on maximum practical visibility. More than 5500 candidates are qualified. The institute has 10+ years of experience in the field and offers both online and offline media training.

11. Indian Institute Of Advanced Digital Marketing (IIADM)

IIADM launched in 2017 and has so far educated more than 1,000 practitioners. Many top brands, including Microsoft, Google, Reliance, and eBay, are affiliated with the Institute. For professionals looking to scale up their business, IIADM offers great benefits.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

12. Avyud Academy

As an emerging digital marketing school, Avyud Academy offers an exemplary training curriculum for its students to succeed as digital marketers. The institute has been delivering comprehensive individual instruction and mentorship to upskill them for the past five years. There are 100 percent placement assurances offered by Avyud Academy.

13. NIIT

In 1981, the institute was established. 40 countries around the world have been touched by NIIT. The Institute has been affiliated with 500 major organizations over the past 36 years. NIIT offers classroom instruction in which, following completion of their course curriculum, it provides certificates in collaboration with the Ireland Institute.

14. Digital Mantra

Digital Mantra is an SEO, PPC, and Web Designing IT setup. In delivering money-valued instruction, the Institute believes. With more than 12 certifications, the Digital Mantra classroom course provides more than 40 resources to learn and support its students.

15. TGC Animation and Multimedia

16 years ago, TGC Animation and Multimedia developed its place within the industry. The Institute has since added more than 100 courses to its curriculum and provides unparalleled solutions for studying. TGC is an organization with top placement partners that is ISO accredited.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course


Learning Digital Marketing offers students and practitioners a comparative edge in the world of digital marketing to develop a career.

The aforementioned top Digital Marketing Course in Delhi is the most exciting if you have already been searching for Digital Marketing Specialist training in Delhi/NCR.

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