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Are you an aspiring Digital Marketer? Here is the Digital Scholar Review to get to better clarity of one of the best digital marketing training institute.

Digital innovation has led to drastic changes in the way we do business. Effective marketing in the 21st century is synonymous with digital marketing. The billboards, the TV commercials, are all less successful than they were a few years back. Thanks to the vast proliferation of the Internet, more and more people use mobile devices for some sort of entertainment, shopping, paying bills, ads on their social media outlets, connecting with their children and their friends, and also via social media.

Digital marketing is like a blast, it’s just that it’s already detonated, and we’re the ones that are passing through it. Digital marketing educational institutions, online classes and a variety of books published by leading digital marketers have been seen to be booming in the recent past. The scope for a career in digital marketing is growing, and people from all age ranges want to be able to participate in digital marketing. So here’s an analysis of one such groundbreaking endeavour in the vast digital marketing field, Digital Scholar. Digital Scholar is an agency-based digital marketing school-based in Chennai.

Digital Scholar Review – Inception

Digital Scholar
Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar has been started as a curriculum for individuals who want to build up or develop their jobs, for entrepreneurs trying to scale up their companies or for everyone who wants to be in the digital league. To know Digital Scholar, first of all, you need to understand about agency-based preparation.

When asked what exactly led Sorav to think of Digital Scholar, he responded, saying that there is a difference between the number of positions available and the number of qualified practitioners in the field. In order to pave the groundwork for this, he came up with the concept of introducing agency-styled learning to potential digital marketers.

A comprehensive effort was made long before the first batch of Automated Scholar began. The 3-month course modules cover a broad variety of digital marketing practises, including SEO, SEM, SMM, WordPress management, content marketing, email marketing, event marketing, identity management, professional branding, automation, agency orientation, and online money-making. This module was curated, taking into account the on-demand skills on the market and the criteria of the industry.

The Digital Marketing Training Institute offers 12 modules designed to provide a holistic understanding of social media and digital marketing.

The modules were curated according to the business demand for expertise and the criteria of the industry. Each module is operated by a specialist with experience and expertise in the area. Together they cover both basic and advanced facets of digital marketing, offering students 360 degrees of awareness on the same subject.

Digital Scholar Review – Who is This Course For


Students who are in university or graduate students who want to continue their professions in digital marketing may register. This course will lay a strong base, offer accepted certifications and help you get a career as a Digital Marketer.


Professionals working in the industry who wish to have a profile move to Digital Marketing or those seeking to apply digital expertise to their established profile can take advantage of this course and add a number of certifications to your name.

Entrepreneur and Freelancers

Freelancers who want to increase their profits rapidly and developers who want to learn Digital Marketing will be strategizing and regulating their current digital marketing operations. Digital Scholar is the best way to go!

Digital Scholar Review – Modules

Social Media Management

Understand the potential of social media through tactics that operate on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. You’ll learn how to develop, evaluate, plan and involve audiences on both of these channels.

WordPress Management

Know how to set up a WordPress website and use it for personal branding.

Search Engine Marketing

Understand one of the most successful ways to expand your company by buying search engine ads and growing your exposure. This module is all about paying ads that appear on the results page of the search engine or SERP.

Email Marketing

Learn how to develop, maintain, and connect your email list. Email marketing is a strong method of marketing that has been around for years and still produces excellent ROI.

Reputation Management

Learning to develop a good online reputation. It bodes well with your professional branding, too. Also, discover the right ways to cope with emergencies and preserve your reputation.

Event Marketing

Another important module in which participants learn how to conceptualise, conduct and facilitate activities. Live case studies allow researchers to understand the dynamics involved.

Content Writing

Focus on creating creative content for different channels, such as websites, blogs and social media with a help of a Content Writing Course.

Search Engine Optimization


Start making your website accessible by search engine optimization. Get insights into the new SEO trends that can boost content and raise traffic on your website.


Any automation increases productivity and saves time, as is the case in digital marketing. Learn more about marketing automation to save time and increase results.

Personal Branding

If you want to succeed as a solo entrepreneur or an entrepreneur or something else it’s a smart idea to create your own personal brand. Learn how to build and manage your personal brand in this module.

Agency Orientation

This is the point of differentiation module relative to other digital marketing institutions, where Digital Scholar shows all members how to work in the Agency’s community. Their philosophy of learning as an entity but functioning as a team goes a long way because no digital marketing is a one-person display. Continuous collaboration with the rest of the staff increases the performance of the overall digital media campaign.

Making Money Online

Eventually, a module to learn how learners can make money from the skills they learn from the Digital Scholar Digital Marketing Curriculum. This provides information on affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, Google Adsense, etc.

Digital Scholar Review – Unique Modules

4K  Module

You’re wondering what the 4k module could include? Digital Scholar students will be allocated Rs.4000 of their fee to spend on the domain, storage and promotional budget for campaigns. This model would help students navigate large budgets at ease. There is also a Professional Branding module at the Digital Scholar. You’ll be able to create a name for yourself with the Rs.4000. You will even continue to do the same thing even after completing the course.

How to Make Money Online

If you can create a personal brand, you can also make money online. I have been educated in the Digital Scholar module on how to make money online. I’ve been making money online for the last 12 years. The goal of the design of this module was to include workable strategies and personal perspectives. The module involves earnings from tweeting, partner programmes and numerous collective interventions.

Agency Management

For those who want to set up a digital marketing firm, this module will be a pleasure. Starting from client management to project management to make up the correct strategy for the client, this module contains everything that is required to start up a project. In this module, you can also learn how to handle capital and separate work over a period of time.

Digital Scholar Review – Features

Client Pitching

The first step in digital marketing is to bring a customer on board. In this subject, you will be able to learn how to conduct context research before you prepare to go to the customer. The whole process of beginning from competitor analysis to audience analysis, all you need to construct a flawless show for client pitching will be illustrated using real-time examples.

Live Projects

You can technically practise digital marketing, but you wouldn’t be able to apply it until you learn the complexities of designing a result-oriented campaign. So at Digital Scholar, you’ll be focusing on live ventures. Live initiatives include collaborating with actual companies, budgets, executing digital media campaigns and evaluating outcomes.

Case Studies

Local, global and international campaigns: Premium digital marketing firms are actively debating weighting and relevance campaigns. Like every viral initiative, there is much that can be benchmarked and learned. At digital scholar, you will be shown several interesting cases where you study and come up with proper solutions. If you study from a group of individuals, you will be able to hear a variety of other solutions that will help you gain insight.

Group Assignment

You will be working in departments in the digital marketing department. There’s a campaign you’d like all your hands on the boat for. Be it SEO, SEM, SMM or content, the creation of plans and the implementation of concepts are all handled in teams. If you learn to work as a squad, it will be your backbone when working in a digital marketing department. At Digital Scholar, you’d be focusing on community tasks that would help you get the best results possible.


Be a certified professional, complete with all big certifications from Google, Hubspot, Bing and more, protected in the program/program.

Learn from Experts

With module will be done by the respective subject matter expert who will share their expertise and real-time experience with you.

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