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If you are an aspiring Digital Marketer, here is Digital Vidya review to get to better clarity of one of the best digital marketing courses.

All the excitement is digital marketing. This is why corporations are searching for experts or digital marketers who have the expertise they need to carry their marketing strategy to the next level. When corporations are even prepared to pay a heavy amount to the required digital advertisers, it is emerging as a great job prospect.

The area of digital marketing draws a multitude of students as well as working professionals, boasting of a lucrative job. If you are one of them as well you might have done a lot of research both offline and online to find the most trustworthy and useful digital marketing training institute.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

As the need for digital marketing is rising, so many players in the industry have jumped into this race to show them better. To achieve their business goals, many founders, business owners & experts are using this medium. The demand for digital advertisers is then increasing exponentially and supply has fallen dramatically.

While more than 500 people from top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India attend digital marketing school, there is still a big gap between the qualities of digital marketers. So are you planning on going for a digital marketing course? Are you hunting for the right institute that has a path that can really add to your business value? If so, then you no longer need to brood about it since I’ve worked this out for you.

Digital Vidya Review for Aspiring Digital Marketing

Digital Vidya
Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya Review – Digital Vidya is one of India’s most recognised names in digital marketing education. Founded in 2009, it is one of India’s oldest institutes for digital marketing.

Their course in digital marketing is called the CDMM (Certified Digital Marketing Master) course. It is offered in collaboration with VSkills, an initiative of the government of India. After completion of preparation, students attend the VSkills test and receive a certificate approved by the government.

They conduct both classroom-based and online classes on digital marketing. Digital Vidya is Google’s and Microsoft’s training partner. They are the first organisation in India to have an affiliation as their digital marketing training partner with the Google partner academy and Microsoft partners. As faculty, they have trainers accredited by Google and Microsoft.

Facebook marketing certification with Facebook and content marketing certification with Linkedin have both been co-created by Digital Vidya.

Including more than 140 hours of live hands-on projects and 60 hours of case studies, the CDMM course is a rigorous 3-month preparation programme addressing all the key topics of Digital Marketing. They’ve trained more than 30,000 practitioners around the world.

Digital Vidya Review – Special Features

As per the existing industry expectations, the consistency of the course, programme, and any addition are suitable. And if you take the course after one year, this remains valid as they keep changing their programme according to the business and corporate demands.

You may have only thought about focusing on one area, such as SEO, SEM, SMM, etc if you are a digital marketer. Digital Vidya offers dedicated learning classes, which is a special aspect that you can hardly see in other top courses.

Microsoft and Google Accredited Coaches are two of the top departments of Digital Vidya. Those coaches are award-winning entrepreneurs with years of digital media experience. This suggests that the leading business influencers supply you with expertise. They are the ones that can detect minor shifts in the market.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

They have over 250 placement partners, which is more than what would be offered by many colleges and institutes. So you will not only obtain proper schooling, but you will also have the ability to be put in a renowned business.

Aside from visual and content-based instruction, practical teaching is one of the amazing aspects of the digital marketing course. As Digital Vidya’s digital marketing course provides research-based instruction and internships for specialised functional learning, you won’t have to waste extra time studying concepts at home.

Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Course Review

Digital Vidya continues refreshing their classes, subjects, and sub-topics at all times. This is done to keep the consumer and industry informed. Therefore it is likely that you will have different things in your path. But, ultimately, as I have stated below, it will include all the requisite aspects and subjects.

Digital Vidya Review – Modules

1. Search Engine Optimization


The course will continue with the fundamentals of optimising the search engine, which involves crawling and indexing. Both ideas are commonly recognised but poorly understood. The course will deepen the comprehension of these elements and then go on to SEO on and off-page. Here you’ll learn how your content, social image, HTML, backlinks, and other things can be optimised. The course will also describe the keyword search techniques, SEO audits, and use of Google Analytics, including which SEO KPIs to calculate and how to do the SEO spider audit screaming frog. In all, after basic tasks such as reading content, looking, etc you can learn to decode human psychology.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Although the module explains different facets of SEM, it will remain the centre of attraction for both Google AdWords and Smartphone Ads. You can learn to compose and build commercials, optimise these advertisements, and determine the budget for bidding. This module would cover everything from ad-creating rules and standards to landing page basics. You can learn awareness of the Google Display Network (such as RLSA, campaign development, and remarketing), smartphone ad promotions, Google shopping advertising, and YouTube marketing in the following parts of this module.

3. Social Media Marketing

In this module, every marketing platform that you might think of is. All the required social media marketing portals are protected, from Facebook to Pinterest. Of course, since it is most important, it begins with Facebook. There is no business owner on Facebook who does not want to advertise. The structure includes optimization, best practises, KPIs, ad management, analytics, etc. for all the portals. In addition, since content forms the backbone of social media marketing, the module begins by illustrating the value of content in marketing and the cherry on the cake is taking a content writing course to add on to your writing skills.

4. Email Marketing

When we speak about digital marketing, email marketing always steals the stage. So the course describes this module in depth. You will learn about setting up a computer for ads, response handlers, and email hosting facilities.

In addition, the course thoroughly explores the effect of email delivered content and how to write the best content for the right audience. You will also know how CRABS can be detected and eliminated from your campaign plan.

5. Inbound Marketing

When we speak about digital marketing, email marketing always steals the stage. So the course describes this module in depth. You will learn about setting up a computer for ads, response handlers, and email hosting facilities.

In addition, the course thoroughly explores the effect of email delivered content and how to write the best content for the right audience. You will also know how CRABS can be detected and eliminated from your campaign plan.

6. Web Analytics

A necessary aspect of digital marketing is analytics. Although in digital marketing it won’t help explicitly, this factor will give you a good vision. When your plan is working and when you need to change your plan, you will tell.

You can learn about Google Analytics (commonly used to refine and track social media campaigns), content success analysis, social media analytics, etc. in this module.

7. Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

The course provides a different module for Facebook marketing since Facebook is the most popular social networking platform for people of all ages. Facebook’s best practises, campaign planning, user tracking, optimising, and monitoring are included under this module. The course also discusses the management of Facebook shops as well as describing strategies for online and offline monitoring and maximising footfall.

8. Other Topics

The course discusses a variety of other subjects, including adobe analytics, content marketing, e-commerce listing, lead source, and affiliate marketing.

These miscellaneous subjects are highly relevant in most fields. Take, for example, content marketing. When properly implemented, content marketing produces a greater number of clicks and converts a greater number of clients. This module therefore explores practises and approaches for producing good material that is deserving of the internet.

Digital Vidya – Hands On Assignments

In its hands-on tasks lies the real value of this Digital Marketing Online Course at Digital Vidya. The course assignments are broken into assignments for the module and case study. With these tasks, successful completion of our Digital Marketing Course makes the Digital Marketing Training all the more realistic.

Content Writing Course
Content Writing Course

Digital Vidya – Course Pricing & Duration

The course has 2 formats:

  • Classroom Training
  • Instructor-Led Online Training

Classroom Training

  • Duration – 3 Months
  • Price – Rs 49,900/-+18% GST

Instructor-Led Online Training

  • Duration – 4 or 7 Months
  • Price – 49,900/-+18% GST

Digital Vidya Review – Certifications

On successful completion of our Digital Marketing Courses, Digital Vidya will provide unique Digital Marketing Certifications in collaboration with their respective bodies. Included with the digital marketing course fee is the qualification fee. You will be offered 3 Exclusive Internal Digital Marketing Certifications and 12 External Internet Marketing Certifications.

Final Thoughts –  Digital Vidya Review

The Digital Marketing Master Course from Digital Vidya offers a special and detailed learning experience building a career in digital marketing. You can quickly find jobs after completing the course and be an ace digital marketer.

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